2012 Winter Fashion Trends

So I have been really into the latest fashion trends. Sometimes I get excited for them, and then there’s times where I’m BLAH about them. But right now, I’m loving what’s “in.”

Here are a few of my top picks (it was tough to narrow down) that are not only affordable and can be found anywhere, they’ll leave you feeling less like a Mom and more like a vixen (yes, I just used that word):

1. Colored Jeans. I have two pairs (one pair that is turquoise and one that is a Merlot color) and would love more. I can get away with them at the office because they’re not “blue” jeans. I like that I can pair them with any black cardigan I have and it instantly looks better, not boring. I’ve realized that I have quite a few black tops! I also wear them with my wedge booties and any excuse to wear those is good with me. Trust.

Photo courtesy of VibeVixen.com

Photo courtesy of YesStyle.com

2. Chunky Circle Scarfs. Now I know you have heard this from me before, but I am still into it- with a twist. This year I got a faux fur one. I wear them with my Army-green jacket on the go, and also with solid colored sweaters to spice it up a bit once inside. I got mine on clearance at the Gap, but a simple Google search for “faux fur circle scarf” will take you to a number of websites including this one atYesStyle.com. Score.


Photo courtesy of Etsy.com

3. Lipstick: it’s baaaaaaack. And I have been totally buying into these funky lipsticks. Goodbye subtle, clear gloss and hello colored lips again! I’m excited for the new change. No more sticky lip gloss that you can’t kiss your hubby with and that your hair attaches to if the wind is blowing. I especially like the purple hues. They add a pop of color to my office attire and a funky addition to my weekend outfits. I know it can be awkward if you’re not used to it, but go with a toned down version at first. A brownish/purple color will be just the ticket.

What are your favorite trends for this winter? Whatever they are stay Chic, Fab and Warm this winter, Mama!

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