3 Things The Movie Business Has Taught Me About Motherhood

I’ve been so out of touch lately. Not just as a blogger but in other areas of my life as well (not to worry, I’ve still been shaving my legs).

My work schedule has gotten a lot trickier since leaving the movie studio and working in a different side of production. My most recent venture has been working on a super hero movie that’s sure to be a hit. Look for it in the spring of next year.
But, I digress. The point is, it’s the reason I’ve been away so long. And the reason I am home at times too.
In any case, my adventures in the film/TV industry over the last couple of years has taught me a thing or two about being a Mama. You see, it’s full of long hours, demanding schedules and being away from your family just to name a few. Did I mention I work long hours?


Little by little, this is what I’m learning:

  1. They’re absolutely fine WITHOUT me- I had to give up the fact that work took me out of my home and away from my family more than I wanted. And you know what? It didn’t burn down to the ground. A few mishaps, sure, but nothing we couldn’t work through. For some, this is a bitter pill to swallow. Knowing that your family functions without you should make you feel better, not worse. All of the little things you do on a daily basis to make their routine operate smoothly probably go unnoticed at this point in time. They’ll find another way to handle that same situation and it may be different than yours, but it still works- which brings me to my next point!
  2. Give up the control- You can’t be there to see every little thing that happens so get over it. Are they watching too much TV? Eating junk food? And the dreaded, “what are they wearing to school?!” This one was a tough one for me. Sometimes I can be a little more strict than my husband on these points. But I had learn to compromise during this show. I’m still working on it! But when I came home to see my house in disarray, I had to let it go…Sure, i had to start drinking heavily, but whatever works! Totally joking, of course :)
  3. It seems more glamorous than it really is- sure there’s great catering, celebrities and the potential to make great money but these can be misleading. Realistically, it’s full of some boredom, some hard work, traveling, working nights and being able to stand around in the rain if need be! The glitz that’s attracted to this industry tends to suck people in. But at the end of the day, you have to keep your eye on what’s really important- and that’s the family. With each new show comes the assessment: is this really worth being away from home for? Often yes, but at times, no. You have to have the discernment.
I think any working Mama can relate to this post- how do you assess your work situation?? Please share your knowledge in the comments below!

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