4 Ways to Meet Other Couples

With a new year comes a clean slate. A chance to improve upon the old you. Perhaps this means meeting some new people and trying new things this year. Either way, read on for tips to get out there with yo’ spouse :)

Because we’ve moved a couple times since getting married, making couple-friends (ya know, other couples we like to hang out with) has become a bit of a challenge. A lot of times it results in us having separate guy/girl nights with our individual friends. I think it’s important to hang with other duos that you both get along and have some fun with (follow my newest Pinterest board for more ideas on how to keep your relationship strong)!

Here are my tips for finding some couple-friends:

1. Be social.
This sounds self-explanatory but allow me to dig deeper. If you’re grabbing hibachi for date night do you make conversation with the couple sitting next to you? If not, then it’s time to start! I know it can be intimidating but you’ve already got something in common (your love of hibachi, duh). Try talking about how wonderful the food is or inform them that the sushi is half off on Monday nights. Keep your senses open for opportunities like this, they happen more than you think.

2. Cruise the Internet.
Kupple.com specializes in matching you to other couples (disclaimer: NOT a swingers site). It’s family friendly and emphasizes safety.
Also, Meetup.com is generally an awesome way to meet other people with the same interests as you. If you’ve ever perused their site you’ll find they have a group for nearly everything: couples, dancing, fitness, hiking, wine and more. Personally, when I joined a Meetup for writers it was a great experience. And yes, I met other writers that I still keep in touch with.

3. Other Parents at School
If you find yourself talking to the same parents at your child’s school or daycare then take a leap of faith and ask them to join you for dinner after the Christmas recital. Of course you could always ask them to join you on your next date night. This one should be a little easier for you since you already know some of the same people and have at least one child around the same age.

4. Go Wine (or beer!) Tasting
Nothing like a little alcohol to help combat your shyness, eh? These tastings usually occur in small groups and it’s almost impossible to not chat with your fellow group members. The worst case scenario is you learn a little something and sample some good vino. This one is a win/win, folks.

One of our best couple friends :)
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Tell me, how do you meet other couples?

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