8 Ways To Tell if You’re Married to a Metrosexual

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As you know, I’ve been SUPER busy writing my book and phase one is almost complete! It’s been a long and hectic journey but I think you’ll REALLY like it. I will share Chapter 1 very soon so stay tuned.

Now, on with today’s post. Lately I wondered if any of you ladies can relate to the following list. As I was chatting with a group of my girlfriends a few weeks ago, we were comparing stories about our husbands/boyfriends. It got pretty hilarious hearing about some of the high-maintenance rituals that some guys go through! We threw around the term, metrosexual quite a bit.

According to Dictionary.com the definition of a metrosexual is:
a heterosexualusually urban male who pays much attention to his personal appearance and cultivates an upscale lifestyle.

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See if any of this applies to you and leave a comment if I forgot anything:

1. He rolls down your window to ensure that the car has a breeze but that his hair doesn’t get messy.

2. It takes longer for him to manicure his facial hair than it does for you to shower, get dressed and apply your makeup.

3. Have you ever waited in the car for him to finish getting ready? ‘Nuff said.

4. He wears cologne all the time. Like, no matter what (I don’t wear perfume to bed, do you?).

5. Does a barber cut his hair or does he go to a salon? Yeah, and he goes like clockwork every 3-4 weeks.

6. Have you ever wondered if he’s prettier than you?

7. He doesn’t mind shopping for clothes- for himself OR for you. Girls, this one is a big plus and you should thank your lucky stars. Everyday. Usually when the ladies I know go shopping with a guy, its with their Gusband.

8. Before leaving the house, he shows you his outfit with two different pairs of shoes and asks your opinion. He then goes with his ‘gut’ and its probably not the pair you picked…

Not only is he pretty, but he makes very pretty babies, too.

If you have ever felt any or all of these symptoms you are most definitely married or dating a metrosexual. And although it may be annoying at times, I prefer this rather than the alternative- a guy who is not only smelly but that I have to buy all clothes because they can’t be trusted in a department store alone without migrating towards khakis with pleats. Which would you rather have?

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