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So, it’s been awhile! Feel like I have been neglecting my writing lately (didn’t I start the last post saying this?). It’s not that things have been so crazy busy (when aren’t things busy for everyone?), it’s just that we have been undergoing so much change! Trying to adjust has been the crazy part. Here’s a quick recap of why I’ve been so scarce:

After our family from Ohio left after Easter, it took a couple of days to get back in the swing of things. After that, we had more out-of-towners the very next weekend (which was only a couple days later). Good thing my hubby is a huge help, you know what I’m sayin’ ladies?

Stella has been blossoming so much this last month! She is putting together some sentences, singing her ABCs, counting to 10, using her manners and is really starting to grasp life and imitate it. It’s too funny to watch and it makes us so proud to see. As we always say about our life, “Stella is the easy part.” I’ll let you know if I still feel this way 12 years down the road.

Ryan started his own venture called Come Outside and Play! Because he’s a former pro-baseball player and loves kids, this business consists of him going into child care facilities and teaching children sportsmanship and athletics of all types. This is his calling and I know it’ll be successful, but the start-up has been a little grueling. Please check out and like his facebook page!

Some changes on the blog:

I added some new things to the look of the blog and feel of the blog. I added a survey you can take to give me a better idea of what you’d like to hear more of (who wants to read a blog that doesn’t pertain to them?!). It’s a pop-up so it should go away if you decline it, so if it gets annoying let me know and I’ll remove it. I just want to keep it there for a month or two so the sooner you take it the quicker it’ll go away ;)

I also added a new tab at the top entitled “The Goal of Chic Traveling Mama.” I almost made it this blog post and then thought it deserved to be a part of the blog permanently. It was hard for me to write it because as a blogger, a lot of times you just want to stay on the surface with your readers. But eventually, I felt like I wasn’t being true to my readers and that’s not fair. So I bared my soul and I may even keep you posted (if I have the guts, I may need a little encouragement!). Stop by and check it out. Be sure to watch the video I posted there.

I also am going to blog more often, but smaller posts. This will allow me to write and stay engaged and will allow you to read more often knowing there isn’t going to be an information overload. They will still be awesome, insightful, meaningful, wonderful posts, unlike this one :)

I changed the look of the blog and am hoping it makes it a little easier to navigate. What do you think??

Leave a comment below or email me under the “Contact Me” tab. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Rana is a Chic Mama dedicated to helping other Mama's live a fuller, happier, healthier life through this blog. She is proud to announce she just finished an eBook on how to travel with kids and is finishing up her first novel. She is a happy wife to her sweetheart since the fourth grade and Mama to a lovely little girl. Happy Travels! xo

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