Making Your Marriage Last: Love and Respect

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In light of St.Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, I’m going to be completely candid and forthcoming in this post…here goes nothing!

So the hubby and I decided to join a marriage group (they’re totally Chic by the way). We do different studies on how to be better spouses and how to make our marriages stronger. We have really benefited from hearing other people open up about their marriages. It feels really great knowing that you’re not the only one who thinks or behaves in certain ways (for awhile there I was really thinking I was some sort of freak!). Sometimes it’s just funny because there are such similarities between what the husbands gripe about and vice versa!

This time around we are picking up on a study called Love and Respect. I have heard about this study before so I was kinda stoked that we were going to be digging into it. We started lastnight and already I can tell that it’s going to hit home. It started off saying that men and women are very different creatures; that we hear through different ears and speak through different platforms. But to celebrate the differences because we are not any better than one another- just different.

This got me thinking about my relationship with my husband and how I treat him based on how he is different than me. He likes different things and he needs different things from me. How do I react to this? Probably by incinuating that he needs to be more like me. Ouch, that hurts to admit (to thousands of people to boot!). But it’s true, it’s just my natural reaction and something I don’t do on purpose. But brought to light, I’m going to try not to.

The video also mentioned that couples can get into vicious cycles. When something upsetting happens, men react without love which causes women to react without respect, which causes men to react without love, which causes women…you get the point! I have to agree with this though! I want to be more aware of how I react to my husband when he does or says something I don’t like, just like we all need to be aware of how we react to our children in the same situations.
I’ll keep ya posted on how this process goes for us, so stay tuned :)

How have you dealt with marital differences? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

For more on the Love and Respect study, visit their website :)

 Remember to Love a lot, Mamas!

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