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Mama. Writer. Traveler. Filmmaker.

Chic Traveling Mama

Mama: After getting pregnant unexpectedly, people said our adventures would be over. Unwilling to accept that, I started this blog to prove that settling down doesn’t mean settling for less. And we couldn’t be happier! Join me as I take you into a ‘life unfiltered’ and discuss all the things that make this Mama life worth living.

Writer: Not only do I devote a lot of writing time to this blog, but I wrote an eBook about how to travel with your kiddos! It’s called How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Family TravelGet it here. I’m also in the process of editing my first novel (check the sidebar!). It will be available soon and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s based on the true story of how me and my husband’s love started in the fourth grade complete with childhood notes, letters and yearbook signings. He made a promise to me in junior high that he actually managed to keep!

Traveler: My extreme love of travel started when I was just eighteen. I was going to Europe for 28 days, but ended up staying a year- I was immediately hooked! I come from a long line of travel junkies and I refuse to stop because I’m a Mama. She comes along and we all love it! Your kiddos can love it, too.

Filmmaker: I work in film and television as a day job. It’s fun and different. In 2012, I wrote, directed and hosted a concept for TV that was a semi-finalist in the New York Television Festival. It’s based on my blog and teaches parents about traveling with kids and how to make any destination family friendly. I’ve recently recorded a pilot with a professional team that’s in post-production. It will be pitched to various TV networks upon it’s completion!


I’m so glad you’re here.

Happy and Safe Travels,

Rana Mancini Cavanaugh


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