Childhood Sweetheart

Childhood Sweethearts, Chic Traveling Mama

This is my actual 4th grade yearbook!

Love’s True Calling- The Notebook has nothing on us!

So lately, I’ve received some inquiries from you guys wanting to know how Ryan and I met. When I say childhood sweetheart, what does that mean exactly? Well, let me give you a sneak peek of my upcoming book (due out later this year, pre-order will be available soon!) that includes lots of real notes, letters and journal entries from when we were children!

There we were in the hallway, next to my locker. I read his note…“And when we’re in our 20s I will come find you and I’ll marry you.” I shut the yearbook and pulled it close to my chest trying not to blush.

‘Marry you?’

I suppose getting married was something I fantasized about just as any eighth-grade girl had. Mostly I wondered when and to whom. I had a couple of candidates in mind, and Ryan was certainly one of them.

For the moment, Johnny Depp was at the top of my list. I became infatuated with him last summer after my sisters and I watched Cry-Baby.

I mean, it wasn’t so far-fetched; I’d move out to L.A., casually bump into him at a fancy restaurant… he’d be so enamored he’d ask me to live happily ever after. I’d envision this scenario at night when I’d look up into his eyes. I’d like to think the poster staring back at me agreed.

But if for some reason that didn’t work out, I suppose Ryan was a great back-up plan.

And deep down I found comfort in that promise. I slipped the yearbook in my backpack and turned my attention back to science class.


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  1. Wow….amazing story, I love it. I am a suckered for love stories like yours, maybe because my love life is nothing like those true love stories, among many things.

    It makes me so happy to read, don’t know why but it does. ?

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