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Mama. Writer. Traveler. Filmmaker.

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Mama: After getting pregnant unexpectedly, people said our adventures would be over. Unwilling to accept that, I started this blog to prove that settling down doesn’t mean settling for less. And we couldn’t be happier! Join me as I take you into a ‘life unfiltered’ and discuss all the things that make this Mama life worth living.

Writer: Not only do I devote a lot of writing time to this blog, but I wrote an eBook about how to travel with your kiddos! It’s called How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Family TravelGet it here.

I’ve written a book on my own true love story called, The Unfinished Business of You and Me. People say things about it like:

“I looked forward to reading it everyday. It was a nice escape.”

“It’s truly a remarkable story- so unique. Having read a lot of YA books in my lifetime, I’ve never seen anything quite like this.”

“I really do think you’re going to see a lot of interest across different age groups of women.”

Here’s the first chapter but you can also buy it here now.

Traveler: My extreme love of travel started when I was just eighteen. I was going to Europe for 28 days, but ended up staying a year- I was immediately hooked! I come from a long line of travel junkies and I refuse to stop because I’m a Mama. They come along and we all love it! Your kiddos can love it, too.

Filmmaker: I work in film and television as a day job. It’s fun and different. In 2012, I wrote, directed and hosted a concept for TV that was a semi-finalist in the New York Television Festival. It’s based on my blog and teaches parents about traveling with kids and how to make any destination family friendly. I’ve recently recorded a pilot with a professional team that’s in post-production. It will be pitched to various TV networks upon it’s completion!


I’m so glad you’re here.

Happy and Safe Travels,

Rana Mancini Cavanaugh


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