Are Teens Dressing Too Old, Or Are We Dressing Too…*gulp* Young?

You know that feeling when you see a “kid” you haven’t seen in “awhile” and when you finally come across their picture they’re all grown up and you feel super old? Getting older is incredibly fun, am I right? Ha.

Well it happened the other day when my bestie and I were talking about her niece. I then realized I hadn’t seen her since my bestie’s wedding. That was about six years ago, so in the life of a child that’s a huge difference as we all know. But when she texted me a recent selfie of her, I was sort of shocked…

She was fifteen now. Gorgeous girl. I immediately texted her back such things. And then I followed up with this:

“Why would I wear that shirt tho?” Lol

And the truth was, I SO would have, it was totally up my alley.

Please understand, I don’t see myself as dressing too youthful for my age, I’m pretty on trend. But I’m somewhat bothered by the fact that I would be able to look into a teenager’s closet and find things I’d be happy to sport myself. And if I’m honest, it’s happened.

My husband has three younger sisters and two of them are teens. They have absolutely borrowed my clothes before (and vice versa). They compliment me all the time on my outfit and sometimes, I do the same for theirs.

***(To see the shirt, go to my Instagram and check it out!)

I get it, I’m a Mama. I’m supposed to be boring with my clothes: elastic pants, “mom-butt” and coffee-stained shirts. But in reality, not every Mama appears that way. In most cases that’s just another negative stigma that comes with motherhood and it’s not a dress code. Instead, I’m into high-waisted jeans, funky tees and Nike Air Max’s. This may be unconventional to some but that’s OK.

The last thing I want is to be that girl. Ya know, that girl who doesn’t realize she’s actually in her thirties (very early thirties, I might add).

As a Mama of a girl, I don’t want my daughter dressing too old for her age. And I see it all the time. Have you seen the Homecoming dresses lately? Midriffs are showing, they’re WAY too short and cleavage is at an all-time high. Don’t even get me started on the shorts I saw (or rather, lack thereof) all summer long. If you have a little girl, you probably share in my very legitimate fear.

It’s not that I’m necessarily bothered by the teenage clothing in question, I’m just a bit confused: does this mean they’re not acting their age, or worse- am I not acting mine?

So the burning question is: Are they dressing too old, or are we dressing too youthful???


Weigh in below in the comments.

P.S. Want to see the shirt in question and see what my bestie texted me back? It was so unexpected! Her response is on my Instagram account, go and see!

Tune in next week as I talk about the pressure to dress our little ones (especially toddlers!) as grown-ups: trendy or creepy?

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