Babe’s First Birthday Blowout

Well the babe’s first birthday came and went. Everyone said it would go fast, but you just don’t know what they mean until you experience it.  I mean a year already, jeez! But I digress…

The cake came out awesome, but not without a lot of stress and worry because I’m so last minute (that’s my style unfortunately). Picture this: it’s the night before the party (babe’s actual birthday) and my sister and I are at the store gathering all of the ingredients for the cake I chose, a carrot-applesauce. As we get done with the store, we get home and I start baking. I ask my hubby to shred the carrots, only I don’t have a grater. After he talks me into asking my bachelor neighbor (surprise, he didn’t have one), a peeler seems to work just fine. Now I realize I forgot the sugar at the store! Ugh, my hubby offers to get some thank God. I’m almost done and I read in the recipe that I need Pow Sugar. Hmmm, my sister and I are stumped. I quickly google it. Nothing but some rap song (Pow Pow Sugar Baby…) Finally I just go without it. Who the heck needs Pow Sugar anyways? Now as I am ready to bake it in the oven I realize that I left my baking pan at my friend’s house for a BBQ. Damn! I quickly redeem myself by getting 2 little round ones and baking them in there and stacking them one on top of the other. Now I’m no baker (clearly) but it was perfect actually!

At the party the babe was dressed up in the cutest skirt and tank top and she was such a ham for all of her guests! She loved having all of those people there for her. When it came time for cake she didn’t smash it, she shoved it in her mouth- repeatedly. Her daddy gave her a second and third helping behind my back!

Everyone said she would just play with the cake and not actually eat it. They really underestimated her, she loved it! My daughter loves cake? Why am I not surprised?!

I can’t believe she’s one already but it’s been the best seeing her grow into her own. It’s only because of her I am a Chic Traveling Mama (and I couldn’t be happier)!

P.S. Pow sugar= powdered sugar. I know what you’re thinking but give me a break, it was 11:00 at night. And I mean, who doesn’t put a period after an abbrev.??

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