Baby Registry: What You Really Need

Recently my BFF had her first baby. She’s SO cute. Makes me miss mine when she was that little!

I was so happy to get to share in this time with her. But when it came time to register for her baby shower, she had a million questions. You know how it goes: “Will I really need this, does that diaper thing really work…”

It’s important to register for the correct items. You’re not going to have ‘free time’ to return things to the store when you have a newborn. It occurred to me that as a first-time Mama, she’s not alone. Do you wish you knew then what you know now about registering for baby giftChic Traveling Mama's Baby Registrys? Me too!

And if you’re not a Mama-To-Be, this is still a must-read! You’ll need to know what kind of gifts will be truly useful for all the Mamas in your life.

So what happens when a first-time parent has to walk around a big-chain store with a scanner and guess what they might need? They text their BFFs! I’m kidding, but these places don’t exactly give you much guidance and when they do, you have to worry that their motives are to sell more product, right? At the end of the day, I got her username and password and made some major tweaks to her online registry (who knew dropping/adding cyber baby products would be so fun?).To save you the same trouble, I am sharing the list with you. Scroll to the bottom and you can easily print it out!

Here’s the Chic Traveling Mama’s Guide to Baby Registry (and gift-giving):

Breast Pump complete with carrier bag (check first if your insurance covers this before purchasing on your own. Medela is the most popular brand)
(8-10) Sm Glass Bottles
(4-6) Lg Glass Bottles
Eco-Friendly Bottle Wash
Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner
Drying Rack
Nursing Scarf Cover-Up
Nursing Pads
High Chair
Feeding Bibs
*Tip: avoid the nipple cream and just go with organic coconut oil. It’s all natural and antiviral

Bassinet (I like the ones that attach right to your bed)
Swing (one that plays music AND vibrates)
Pak n’ Play
Glider/Rocker (for you, so get one that’s super comfy! Go to the store and actually sit in them)
Baby’s first Crib
Crib Mattress
(2-4) Fitted Crib Sheets
Sound Machine
(6-8) Muslin Swaddling Blankets
Video Monitor (or go simple and just stick with the audio ones)
Hanging Crib Soother (with visuals and music)
*Tip: don’t go crazy trying to find the right crib in time for the birth. Focus on the bassinet first, your baby will not be in their own room right away

Car Seat (the Milestone from Graco grows with your child up to 100lbs)
Extra Car Seat Base (if you have two cars)
Reflective Mirror
(2-4) Window Shades
(2) Car Seat Protector
Strap Covers for Car Seat
Car Seat Bundler (if you live in a place that has cold climates)
*Tip: do get the toys that hang from your babies car handle. Visuals are important not just for entertainment but for baby’s development

(2) Pronto Changing Station- one for the diaper bag and one for a room other than the baby’s room (like the family room? It keeps you from having to go to baby’s room every time they need changed)
Changing Pad
Potty (yes, start as early as possible!)
Diaper Pail (if you aren’t cloth diapering)
Diaper Pail Refills (again, if you aren’t cloth diapering, but I did and I loved it!)
*Tip: research cloth diapering before you automatically do disposable :)

Spout Cover
Bath Toys
Bath Toy Hammock Holder (this one is less likely to get moldy)
Padded Bath Kneeler
Padded Elbow Rest
Infant Bathtub

Play Mat
Activity Gym
Toys! (don’t overlook these: puzzles, stackers, blocks, rattles, xylophone, etc)
(4-6) Teething Toys

Bathroom Essentials:
Thermometer (lots of brands have a pacifier thermometer if your baby takes one)
Grooming Kit

Bumbo Tray (trust me, it’s 1000x better with the darn $10 tray)
Warm/Cool Mist Humidifier
Baby Proofing Kit
(2-4) Baby Gates (buying the nice steel ones pay off if you’re planning on reusing with your next child)
Baby Carrier (there are plenty of styles that work well- I recommend staying away from the slings that only allow for one position. Theses seem to only be good for the first month or two when baby wants to be wrapped like a cocoon. Even so, some babes don’t like to be too restricted in terms of movement and sight, so they may reject it from the beginning. Stick to ones that allow babe to see their surroundings and can be somewhat transformable. Baby K’Tan has some good ones)

Did I forget anything? Leave in the comments below!

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