Beach Bum Babe (& Mama)

As summer approaches, I can honestly say that I love living by the beach (who wouldn’t?!). The days are getting pretty hot, the water is getting warmer and the waves are getting aggressive, so its fun to spend our days there! At first Stella wasn’t so sure about it. Putting her in the sand made her scream bloody murder (can you say Diva?) and putting her feet in the water only intensified that reaction! Well, she likes the water now thank God (she is actually quite fearless, so thatcan be scary!) but the sand is something sheLOVES- loves to eat that is.I try to keep her on the beach blanket, but she is not sitting still for more than a minute, so she just walks and crawls everywhere like she does at home. I don’t blame her, she loves the feeling of sand in between her fingers and for some reason she thinks she will love it in her mouth as well…that poses a number of problems of course.

First, I don’t know how good it is for anyone to consume sand in large quantities, but I’m assuming it can’t be great.  It is also disgusting because aside from eating sea shells, one time I looked over and caught her chewing on an old cigarette filter- gross! Sand can’t be sanitary because not only are feet constantly on it, the most popular litter on the beach are cigarette filters and condoms- even grosser! Its also a pain because once the sand is on her chubby little hands, she rubs her eyes, then wants to nurse and its all over my…yeah. The sand is just never-ending and once its on one thing its everywhere as anyone who has ever been to the beach knows.

My solution for this is a little blow up baby pool. If you bring one of these to the beach and fill a little with ocean water, the babe will sit in there and play with her toys. Its like the bath, and my babe LOVES the bath more than she loves eating sand. Its a great solution to the beach that, while awesome, can be a hassle at times. You can even take one to a pool if they don’t have a kiddy pool. As Yo Gabba Gabba says: “Try it, you’ll like it!”

Making the beach easier to hang out at is always a wonderful thing for me. Between the parking and the sand that you keep finding in parts I don’t care to mention, the beach can be trying at times, especially with kiddos. So try the baby pool and let me know how you like it by leaving a comment below. Tell me of any other chic ideas for making the summer easier, I will contact you if I decide to try it and blog about it!

This summer is going to be wonderful! We are excited for the babe’s first birthday, our camping trip to West Virginia and a lot of other plans in the making! More blogs to come about how to make your summer a hot, Chic Traveling Mama kind of one!


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  1. We tried that a few times last year and it was great. This year the kids have discovered the waves and nothing keeps them out of the water – no sitting sround on the sand for them. I keep empty milk jugs around and fill them with tap water before we go…that way they get a rinse off with warm water before getting in the car.

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