Best Mama HairDos. Ever.

Yes, I follow fashion trends (the blog isn’t called Boring Traveling Mama), and perhaps I even set a few from time to time. There are times when what’s trending doesn’t really tickle my fancy, and then there are times like right now. And I gotta say, right now Mama is likin’ all the fun prints, shoes and chunky sweaters.  Before I blog about this winter’s must-haves, I want to start at the top. The beginning. Yes, the Mama head.

So how about the fun hair accessories, huh!?  It’s not just an average ponytail or clip anymore. We have all kinds of choices now and it makes things more interesting if you ask me.
I totally digging the up-do stuff. I’m really playing this one out because it’s so friggin’ easy. I can go an extra day without washing my hair and everything (yes, this matters to me more than it probably should).

I even have two different kinds of ‘dos I’m doing so I don’t look identical everyday (and to give my co-workers the illusion I am putting more thought into my hair than I actually am). The first one is the more “put together” one. Now this one I am able to do with the help of a contraption I got at Wal-Greens (or any store for that matter). It’s called a hair doughnut, I think: Take a look.  I kinda like the bun more so on the top of my head and I don’t gather my hair tightly. There’s a fine line between chic and effortless and ballerina- bun-lady.

Then I have the other look that I got for $1 at a local boutique (sometimes chic is also cheap). Now I’m regretting I didn’t get all they had! But this one is for the days that I feel a little funk is in order.

The hair tie accessory that I heart.

I start my gathering my hair on the top of my head loosely. I then pull my hair though the ponytail holder, but I don’t pull it through all the way. Instead, I pull it almost all the way through and then wrap the elastic multiple times around the loop I created (this is harder to put into words than I thought).  Although it doesn’t make much sense (like a typical hair day of mine anyway), it works out pretty perfectly.

Caution: This is not suitable for all Mamas. Wear at your own will.

These hairdos are pretty awesome for traveling. When we went to NYC these were more than convenient in the car and on the daily.

Although I don’t know where you can get my little hair accessory,  look at all these cute ones on Etsy :)

What are some of your hair beauty tricks?? Don’t be shy and leave a comment below! Seriously, I need all the help I can get.

Stay chic Mamas!

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