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So, just when I think I know what I am going to blog about, emails start coming in from you guys regarding specific questions. Because I’m here to help, it’s my duty to go with majority! I will be trying to answer as many of these questions as possible, just like last week.

This week though, I got a few emails from Mamas asking about what to wear that will not embarrass their children, specifically tweens and teens. My first reaction is like, “Well, I have a two year old, how should I know?!” But, what I do know is how to look like a Chic Mama no matter what your children or your body type.
One specific email was from a Mama who was taking her two teens to Bonnaroo, (which I think deserves a Mom of the Year Award!). And while our kiddo’s opinions shouldn’t rule our lives, I think humoring them from time to time is perfectly OK. Plus, these tips will make you feel great, and that’s what it’s all about, folks.

Here are my tips for every Mama on how not to embarrass the kiddos, but most importantly, how to stay Chic and sleek this summer:

  1. Sunglasses. Don’t they just define cool? Get a pair that make you feel good. The bigger the better for some, but right now, even the smaller styles (think typical Ray Bans) are back in. You just can’t go wrong with a cool pair of shades.
  2.  Bathing suit cover-up. These have gotten to be such a summer must-have, and there are so many cute ones out there! You can bare some skin with a see-thru one, or cover up everything with a lighter dress-type one. I just saw some very chic ones at TJ Maxx. At times, I even go for a big over-sized t-shirt that I can wear over my bikini top.
  3. Maxi dresses. Again, for every body type and you can totally choose how much skin to show. You can go for the flowy floor-length, or you could go for short, strapless or form-fitting. Check out The Fashionable Housewife blog for a great article on maxi dresses.
  4. A hat. Now, tread carefully here as there are plenty out there that will embarrass not just your kiddos, but the dog. I have a fedora-style one, but these others are also *Chic Mama Approved*  Savvy Sassy Mom’s blog backs me up here. Remember, no visor or Velcro stuff allowed (think of the children!).

    5. I am a fan of jewelry. Huge fan. I can’t get enough. So when a friend gave me a glass ring, I loved it because it was chunky (duh) and because it’s perfect for the beach. No crevices for the sand to get stuck, and no amount of water will ruin it. Summer perfection.

Check out my vlog from last summer (where does time go, seriously?!) on what to take to the beach or pool to stay Chic :)
These items are sure to be kiddo approved, I guarantee it!
What are you wearing this summer, Mama?!

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