Nursing Your Baby in Style

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve decided to refurbish an old post of mine that talks about breasts- in terms of breastfeeding your infant and toddler. I love encouraging mothers to breast-feed and it’s no secret that the advantages for mother and child are endless. But did you also know that it lowers moms chance of breast cancer, hypertension and heart attacks? It’s such an amazing thing!
I will now share a small tip on how breastfeeding in public was a little easier with a little help from a fashionable scarf.
**(By the way, this is a humorous and fun post as well as informational, but don’t EVER tell a woman to cover up while breast-feeding)
OK, those of you who nurse have all been there: you’re in a busy public place and yourkiddo has to eat. So, you have one of those “nursing wraps” that look like a glorified apron, or you get a blanket and tuck one of the corners into your bra strap so now your bra is showing instead of yourboob- awkward. But how well do these work? If you’re like me, they do not work well AT ALL. A good friend of mine gave me a Circle Scarf from American Apparel. I’m obsessed with this thing! In my quest to look chic AND comfortable, I find myself wearing it almost everyday, even in my pajamas. This one is a super soft cotton blend, made in Los Angeles andcan be worn in about 12 different ways! This thing is so versatile and easy to use.Here’s the deal though: because it’s so stretchy, it’s truly a wonderful and chic nursing wrap. You just put the babe in the circle while it wraps around your back, and voila! The best part: it’s not overbearing by covering the babe up but rather cradles them and secures them to your body (babes don’t like to be covered or have a blanket over their head when they’re nursing can you blame them??). This scarf is so large and so stretchy that any size child or mother will both fit. It is so convenient because you do not have to remember to pack a blanket or whatever else you usually use, because you’ll already be wearing it.

It comes in plenty of different colors and patterns, but I have a neutral color so it goes with almost anything. This can be worn with a dress and boots, a t-shirt and jeans with flats, I even wear it with my workout clothes on my way to the gym. Do yourself the favor and get one of these (whether you’re breast-feeding or not), you will be so glad you did.
And of course, you will definitely look like one chic Mama- guaranteed!

Get yours here.

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As always, and if you can, Breast Is Best

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