Breastfeeding Photos: Yay or Nay?

I had my second little babe in June. And just like my first, I am breastfeeding a lot. I’m a very pro-breastfeeding person and I’m all abouts the #normalizebreastfeeding hype. My motto is: it’s weird because you’re making it weird.

When we got our family photos taken in December, I was a little anal about every single detail (maybe that’s the filmmaker in me). Every shot was planned out in my head including the backdrop and props (nothing corny, we acted like we were making a gingerbread house) and what we’d all wear, of course (the photographer made the mistake of telling me she was just starting out). In any case, they came out great.

So to rewind just a touch: When I was growing up, my friends mother was in the La Leche League (a fabulous resource for breastfeeding). Perhaps that’s why they had a huge portrait of her breastfeeding one of her kids above their fireplace. Like, all out, boob, nothing covered up, right in your face. I spent a lot of time over there so this was just something that was normal to me.

But that inspired me to do my own version. I just knew I needed a memento like this.

My oldest, wondering why I’m capturing this- I’m a proud Mama right here!

See, I think it’s something we should celebrate and not hide. We don’t always have the luxury of making it private. And when people make it weird, we have to stand up for ourselves and let them know there is nothing weird about feeding with love. YOU are making it sexual, not me. But that’s a post (or series of posts!) for another time.

After I realized that in the nearly two years I breastfed my eldest I really didn’t have a photo honoring that very special time, I wasn’t going to let that happen again.

You can see my photo below. If you’re breastfeeding I want to encourage you to not only capture it in some way but to OWN it. It’s one of your superpowers.

Did you document your breastfeeding journey? Tell me in the comments below, I want to know!

Rana Mancini Cavanaugh

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