Dear Babe: No More Diapers. Love, Mama

OK, now I know some of you may have heard of this term, and some of you maybe not: Elimination Communication. It is when you can ‘train’ your babe to go diaper less. That’s right DIAPER LESS. The neat thing about EC is that you can be as diligent as you choose. Our little Stella has gone poop on the potty about 5-10 times now, and she is only 10 months old (she is such an over-achiever).

How in the world do you do this you are probably thinking? Well, you start when they are young. Like, from birth. You use cues and signals to communicate with your babe when they have to go potty (i.e eliminate). The sooner you start, the better (Stella was 6 months old, and she was considered a late start). For example with Stella we make grunting noises for no.2 (we sound like complete morons), and something like ‘pssssst’ for no.1.  As your babe learns the signals, they can rely less on their diaper and more on your timing with putting them on the potty (be sure to get a small potty for the babe so they are nice and comfortable, and a little something for yourself to sit on like a small step-stool or something). Whenever Stella gives us the signal we just put her on the potty and grunt away until it is in the potty in all it’s glory! Then we clap and jump around like buffoons, but for us it is one less diaper we have to wash!

I’ll admit that no.2 is a bit easier to recognize. Their face gets red, they’re still, they grunt automatically…no.1 is a bit tougher to see however. A good friend of mine says that she puts her little one on the potty to go pee if she changes his diaper and sees that it is dry, after a nap and before bed. This is accompanied by the signal as they are sitting on the potty of course.

If you do choose to go all the way with EC, traditional potty training is unnecessary.Whenever the toddler years come, and diapers are ready to be a thing of the past, your kiddo will be so use to the potty that you won’t get that lovely (sarcasm inserted here) resistant and stubborn attitude that age automatically ensures. It’s a win-win.

In my opinion there is no harm in trying this out and finding your own technique and rhythm for it. It may sound crazy to put a small babe on the toilet, but at the least you’ll be a Chic (and diaper less) Mama! (and who wouldn’t want that?!)

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