Dear Toddler: Please Stop Smacking the @#*! Out of Me. Love, Your Mama

Yeah. You read right. Stella thinks it’s funny to beat me like I owe her money. I mean, when she’s happy and excited, SMACK! Irritable and not getting her way? SMACK, SMACK! FYI, that’s a regular slap and then a back hand (also known as a b**** slap) in case you aren’t hip to what toddlers are up to these days.

“You better watch it Mama”
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I’ve researched this people: It’s totally normal. She hasn’t seen her Dad do this to me (or vice versa), it’s simply a way to communicate what she can’t verbalize, which apparently is that I need to shut up if I know what’s good for me. Ugh. So, what’s the solution? Beats me (pun intended)!

Well actually, you can try to validate their feelings by saying stuff like, “you’re mad!” “Stella’s upset.” “How can I help make you feel better?” And I gotta be honest, these seem to make her more mad.

Time-outs are a big effort. Her 2 minutes in the naughty corner consist of her screaming her little head off and calling for her Daddy because he’s the favorite right now. In what universe is this fair?

So, I may get knocked around (literally and figuratively) but I won’t get taken down. This chick doesn’t know who she’s dealing with, but I’m going to tell her: I’m the lady who carried her for nine months, gained 70 pounds (don’t judge me), had morning-noon-and-night sickness, only to carry past my due date and push a 7 lb. baby out of me for 25+ hours with no epidural while your Daddy looked at me like satan himself was taking over my body.
So go ahead and slap me, but remember: if I can lose all my pregnancy weight, I can certainly snap back from a slap or two (okay, like 15).

(BTW, I think this is an awesome article on how to deal with a toddler that smacks).

Can you relate to this story? What are your solutions??

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  1. This is a good one Rana and so common with the little tots! I'm obviously well past this stage with my little one(still getting abused by her but not with smacks just smart remarks and lots of eye rolling) but will share this with all my friends with tots.

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