Do you Practice What you Preach?

I spend most of my days telling my daughter what to do. I’m not bossy, it’s just that she’s three and as her Mama it’s my job.

It got me thinking, for all the preaching that I do, am I practicing enough??

For instance, every time we wash her hands, we sing this little diddy. I make her turn off the water and we take our time singing. This way, she’ll thoroughly wash her hands. But, I found that when I washed my own hands, I did a quickie: I swished some soap around and rinsed off immediately.
*Disclaimer: I’m not gross, you know what I’m talking about. Seriously, do you wash your hands the recommended twenty seconds  EVERY time?

I got to thinking about how many other areas in my life I’m trying to be a good example for her and failing?
Bottom line: I don’t think it’s very helpful to either of us for me to be saying one thing and doing another. These lessons and values that I’m hoping to instill in her, I want for myself as well.

I’m happy to report that after this mini revelation I’m way more conscience to do the right thing. Hey, what can I say, my Mama taught me well. Now hopefully, my baby will say the same thing one day!

So how about you- do you think you do a good job of this?

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By the way, to teach your kiddos that song, here is the clear and concise version :)

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