Healthy Foods That Need to be in Your Pantry

As promised, here is the interview with Health Food Guru and traditional Reiki Master and Teacher, Ellen Rothermel! Read on so she can educate you on what Super Foods you should eat and how counting calories, may not always be the way to go:

What is your philosophy when it comes to eating? How did you first start exploring super foods?
My philosophy when it comes to eating is to become conscious of what we eat.I believe in the old adage ‘you are what you eat’ because everything you put into your mouth is going to effect you body, mind and spirit.
I had been eating organic foods for a few years yet I did not have the energy and stamina that I knew was possible. I wanted to reach a higher state of health. So, as I had done many years ago when I became pregnant with my first child, I began reading and searching for a better nutrition plan.
I stumbled upon some YouTube videos of David Wolfe, an internationally renowned author and health lecturer. Listening to him  and reading his books was very exciting for me. It led me to other leading edge sources such as Gabriel Cousens M.D., Kevin Trideau, Ron Teeguarden ( the Father of tonic herbalism), Danial Vitalis, Truth Calkins, Bruce Lipton, etc.  It was at this time that I vowed to myself to eat the best food ever.

What are the 3 best super foods one should stock their cupboard with right now and why?
1.) Goji Berries also known as Lycium Berries, Wolf Berries, Boxthorn, Matrimony Vine, Desert Thorn and Lycium barbarum or Gou Qi Zi.
Goji berries have an amazing nutrient value. They are a complete protein source containing nineteen different amino acids and all eight essential amino acids (such as serotonin-building tryptophan and adrenal-supporting phenylalanine).Goji berries can contain twenty one or more trace minerals(the main ones being copper, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and germanium) as well as vitamins E, Bi, B2 and B6. Goji berries fortify the immune system with their long-chain sugars known as polysaccharides.
Goji berries are the only known food source that will stimulate the body to produce more HGH naturally, as they stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands which increases the glandular production of HGH. Human Growth Hormone is a master gland that influences the level of all hormones in the body.
Goji berries are delicious and from my research, I am finding them to be the most nutritionally rich berry/fruit on the planet.

2.) Cacao (Raw Chocolate)
Antioxidants ~Cacao contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world.
Cacao is the best food source of the following nutrients. Magnesium, Iron, Chromium, Mangganese, Zink, Copper, Vitamin C, Omega-6 Fatty Acids, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Anandamide, Tryptophan, Seratonin, and Fiber,
Aside from the fact that raw Cacao is so nutritious, I am able to enjoy my chocolate shakes and raw brownies whenever I want, knowing I am enriching my body.

3.) Bee Products
Honey is an extremely healing food. In it’s wild/organic, raw, unfiltered state it is rich in enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, minerals and is one of the highest vibration food on the planet.
Bee Pollen is a source of complete protein containing all twenty two amino acids. It also contains vitamin B9 and is super delicious.
Propolis is the protective sealer on the hive. It is an immune supporting, antibacterial and highly medicinal substance.
Royal Jelly is a powerful energy supplement, known as the rejuvenator. It is the second richest natural source of vitamin B5(pantothenic acid). It also contains other B vitamins, amino acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and manganese.

What is the one thing someone should stop eating yesterday?! Why?
Convenience foods/fast Foods The dangers of these foods cannot be understated. Foods that are processed and made into what can best be described as ready meals often contain few if any nutritional ingredients.
It is true that some fast food places have salads and such which I must say are full of pesticides, herbicides, artificial color, artificial flavor, lots of sugar, etc. etc.

Is gluten really bad for you?Avoid gluten if you are sensitive to it. It is important to listen to your body. More and more people are becoming sensitive to gluten. In my opinion, it is the way our grains are being grown, stored and processed that is a big part of this.

How important is it to count calories vs. simply making sure your body is getting appropriate nutrients?
Someone who really eats too much and is trying to lose a lot of weight may find it helpful to count calories for awhile. Personally, I have never found the calorie counting helpful.  Scientists and nutritionists are continually learning more & more about what is actually in our whole foods and how they effect us. I think it is important that at least half of your food intake is Raw, Alive food. With that in mind…if I wanted to know how many calories are in a handful of grapes, an apple or grapefruit , 3 sticks of celery, half an avocado, or a handful of raw nuts…I would be looking up this stuff all day everyday. I say keep it simple and learn about the foods that give you vitality. Eat as many different colors of raw food as you can in a day. You will be surprised at how much your body will appreciate this.

What is one good snack you make that is extremely healthy for you but doesn’t sacrifice taste?
I love ice cream! I make a delicious dairy free, Raw ice cream with raw cashews and coconut water(fresh from the young Thai coconut if you have access to them). You can also just use spring water. Chocolate has been my flavor lately but you can make any flavor you want. Blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, or whatever FEELS good to you ! I use Raw Honey for my sweetener because of the wonderful benefits and the texture it gives the ice cream. Other sweeteners you could use are Yacon, Lucuma or Stevia.

What are some things to steer clear of when reading food labels?
If you can’t pronounce it or have no idea what it is. I recommend researching these ingredients. Unhealthy sugar have acquired many different names. This is how they camouflage it.
I also highly recommend staying clear of GMO ingredients. Research shows the genetic modified products are seriously harmful. So far our legislature does not require companies to label GMO ingredients. Healthy, caring, coming from their heart companies now say on the packaging ~ NON GMO ~ so we are informed.
Please don’t just take my word on these things. Make the time to do some research so you will feel confident in your decisions. Until then I would be happy to answer your questions as I have made it a priority to Eat the Best Food Ever!

Ellen will be starting a blog (I will have direct links when she does) to share her knowledge and educate on the benefits of Eating the Best Food Ever! Stay tuned, Healthy Mamas! Cheers to our longevity, everyone! *tink*
(If you care to sign the petition that requires mandatory GMO labeling, click here.)

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