Fact or Fiction in a ‘Based On’ story

Happy (super belated!) Valentine’s Day. I hope you spent it doing whatever makes you most happy. And if that means ignoring it all together, I hope you did that too! You do you, boo.

As for me, Ryan stayed home from work so I spent V-Day with my man just Netflix and chillin’ (wink). It’s a holiday we don’t normally give much attention to (besides getting Stella a few things), but this year we took a different approach.

I always saw it as another fictional holiday that didn’t have any real meaning behind it. And some of that still rings true for me but I think taking a day to celebrate and honor your relationship is extremely important. Essential, even. So I got into it – I wore the only red top I own (eh, more like a burgundy), got him a mushy card, a gift, the whole nine yards. Voila, happy hubs.

But I digress! The real meaning of this post was to share with you some of the details about my book in light of V-Day.

In case you forgot, I recently wrote a book based on my own real love story, The Unfinished Business of You and Me (you can catch chapter 1 here). Since its based on, a lot of people ask me which of the deets are fiction. While I can’t comb through the entire book, I can give you some examples. In addition, I’m going to share another real piece of memorabilia that didn’t make it in the book.

Because I like lists (who doesn’t?), I’m going to format it like so.

Fictional piece #1– Ryan didn’t exactly move away to Milwaukee. I put this in there because there is a piece of memorabilia that suggests Ryan is moving. In reality he was wanting to move to his Dad’s house only an hour away.

Fictional piece #2 – Ryan and I got back together again because of his best friend. He told Ryan that I would be dancing on the CMA’s (Country Music Awards) and for Ryan to tune in. Well he did and he saw me. He said I looked exactly the same as in high school and apparently that was all the motivation he needed to pursue me once again!

Fictional piece #3– I didn’t cheer in high school. Only middle school. In fact, I was a bit of a rebel in high school (and that’s an understatement) but it’s my book and I can write what I want, ha!

I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek into my new book and if you’re interested in hearing the full story, you can go here.

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based on a real love story

From when we went on a field trip to meet our pen pals. I’ll never forget mine was named, Ryan McDonald :)



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