Family Magnets for Your Kids

I decided to update one of my old posts because, well, it just needs to be shared! I got a lot of positive feedback on it the first time it ran a couple years ago and I updated it and added a picture. If you have relatives that have passed on or perhaps you are raising your kids far away from your family then this post has something special for you! Enjoy, and please, leave your feedback!
As the fifth anniversary of my Dad’s death approached last week, this year brought on new feelings of sadness for a couple of reasons: our wedding was on New Year’s Eve, and Stella is now 7 months old; my how the time flies! I was thinking of ways that I can help Stella understand who he is and what he means to our family. Just because he is in Heaven doesn’t mean she will never know him.
I’m determined to make sure my Dad’s memory lives forever!
I have wonderful pictures of my Dad. I used some of these pictures and put a magnet on the back. I stuck it on our fridge at eye level so that Stella can always see him.
Yeah it makes a cool fridge decoration, and a toy that she can chew on or lug around. Whenever she has it, I’ll tell her  how funny he was and the quirky things he used to do. I’ll also tell her how much he loved us, and that he loves her too. As she grows up, she will have a pretty good idea of who he was.
magnets of family for your kids

Stella next to her magnet of my Dad, Grandmother and Uncle

For those of you that maybe haven’t lost a loved one, you simply live in a different place than some of your family, you can do this, too! Make the same kind of magnet of your Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie or whoever your kiddo doesn’t see often. You can have a whole little family of people right there on your fridge!

You can also get the label maker out and put their name on it. Tell them about who is in the picture and the next time you return home for a visit, your child may remember them a bit better.
Sure beats seeing the fam twice a year, and helps ease the pain of raising your family far away.
Heck, if you ARE the Grandma or Auntie send those little tykes your own magnet to make sure they’re seeing your face. Skype is great, but it’s not always easy keeping your little one in front of a computer for twenty minutes.
Help your situation and make these magnets! Your family that is far away will thank you for making the effort!
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