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My wedding dress

So, I was looking around my closet and I was finding a ton of shirts that were either too long, or just kind of outdated. Blah. My Mom and Grandma are the best seamstresses in the world (they made my prom AND wedding dress- not that I’m a diva or anything).

Growing up, we would always pick out patterns to make, and anything I needed altered was no problem at all. I always find myself trying to recycle my clothes and come up with a scheme for my Mom and I to re-do clothes I don’t really like anymore. That’s when this t-shirt idea came into play.

I started researching on YouTube because I know that they have fashion vloggers on there showing how to transform t-shirts into unrealistic pieces of art that the average gal can’t pull off. Just for kicks, I poked around a little just to get an idea of how they do it.

I was looking for a way to add some fringe at the bottom of a shirt. I love this look and I have some fringe that I’ve considered sewing onto a shirt, but this isn’t the best idea because in my opinion it has to be the same color and fabric as the tee. After watching a couple videos, it was as easy as I thought.

I took a grungy tee to practice on and put it on a flat surface. I set a big box down on it so that it wouldn’t move, and so that I had a stopping point for my scissors so that the fringe would all be the same length- very important. Of course, the shirt was long enough to be cut up at the bottom. If you don’t want a belly shirt, then this is very important too. If you do (hey, I would if I could) then measure where you want it to come up to. I knew that I wanted this to hit me right where my pants meet the shirt as not to expose my midriff. Don’t worry too much about cutting them in a perfectly straight line because you will stretch them out and it won’t be noticeable anyway.

After cutting all the fringe, stretch them out by pulling on them. This is the easy part. Of course, when I tried it on, Stella thought they were so intriguing she couldn’t stop pulling on them! So voila. Your fringe is made. If you want to be really spunky, you can even tie every two pieces of fringe together near them bottom of the fringe. This will give it a little structure, but I prefer to let them loose. I was also thinking of cutting one of Stella’s little shirts the same way. Twins!

When I actually did it on one of my real tees, my husband said it was a little loud. I think it was because it is a loud orange-ish color. A few things I learned the hard way:

1. Go with a shirt that is neutral colored and not too busy. The fringe is kind of loud enough, so the shirt should be toned down. You can even go to Goodwill and find a t-shirt that is kind of big and cut along the neckline (and stretch it out after of course) for a look that is off the shoulders and fringed out. Sexy.

2. Use really good scissors. If you don’t own sewing scissors use your kitchen ones and sharpen before if possible. Otherwise, a pair of dull scissors will have you ripping the fabric instead of cutting- headache.

3. Practice, practice, practice. First use an old shirt to practice on; this way you can make mistakes on the one you can turn into a rag anyways.

4. Make sure when you’re cutting the fringe, you cut the strips no more than an half inch apart, and at least three inches long. Short and thick strips is going to read: wicked witch from the west.

I think this look is best paired with some funky jewelry like a chunky ring, big hoop earrings and a long necklace. I also think some heels would do it more justice than flats. I wore mine with dark skinny jeans and platform sandals (gotta love casual Fridays at the office).

My creation- voila!

Remember, looking cute doesn’t have to cost a fortune and take up all of your time. This should take about twenty minutes to do. You can even cut your shirts in all kinds of other ways, this is just my favorite right now. I’m always looking for fun ways to play up to the latest trends, and of course for the new fall season, you can just put a cardigan over top. I want to see pics of the ways you’re wearing this look. Email me at so I can see! Play with your fashion sense and see where it takes you this fall, you’ll be a cool and sexy Mama!

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  1. I love this idea Rana! I'm going to look through my old cross country shirts from high school that are just taking up space.

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