Five Minute Mama Makeover

So since I’ve become a new Mama, I have to be picky about my time. Do I do the dishes, or play with Stella? Decisions like these are not always easy to make when your kitchen is a wreck and your hubby is due home from work any minute (I don’t want him to think I’ve been a bum all day!) But sometimes I feel like I have to make sacrifices with my beauty routine, and these can be hard, especially when, again, my hubby is due home from work any minute!  But I have come up with a daily beauty routine that requires just a few essentials and only takes about five minutes, oh yeah and it makes a world of difference.
  I start with my favorite pair of jeans- these can be  jeggings, boot-cut or skinny. I put on an over-sized t-shirt from American Eagle, which I have come to love! These fit a little baggy, and not too form fitting (this equals comfort). I put on a cute Cami or bra underneath because they tend to fall off the shoulders sometimes. I pair it with my Steve Madden ballet flats (I got a tan leather pair this year), a chunky ring and my awesome circle scarf (refer to my fist blog: “Nursing for the Urban Mama”)! If unwashed, my hair goes in a bun that sits high on my head. Who can forget the aviator sunglasses for when we hit the road too!
Now for the makeup. I use mineral makeup (mine is from Lancome), and I am in love. I mean it. It is easy, and you can be the biggest amateur with makeup and it will still look good. I use a little bronzer and a good blush on the apples of my cheeks. Then I use a little brown eyeliner halfway across the bottom of the eye and line the top as well. Longtime Lancome makeup artist Kelly Torcasio, warns that well-placed eyeliner is essential. “A heavy lined bottom lash is out, its very unnatural looking. Just smudge half-way across.” If you are in the mood for eye shadow, “Browns are great for blue eyes, and purples and greens for brown eyes.”
Finish with a swipe of some good mascara, a spritz of your favorite scent, a subtle lip color and there ya go! A fabulous look that’s comfortable and with minimal fuss!
So you see, being a Mama does not mean you have to wear Mom jeans and no makeup! Its the opposite, and all the other Mamas at the sandbox will wonder how you keep it all together while still looking fabulouso! Just tell them you are one hot, chic traveling Mama (and please, refer them to the blog that told ya how!)!

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Rana is a Chic Mama dedicated to helping other Mama's live a fuller, happier, healthier life through this blog. She is proud to announce she just finished an eBook on how to travel with kids and is finishing up her first novel. She is a happy wife to her sweetheart since the fourth grade and Mama to a lovely little girl. Happy Travels! xo

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