Gender Neutral Baby Shower (that’s actually chic!)

I feel like a majority of people find out the sex of their baby as soon as they can. While I see the benefit in doing so (you get to decorate the nursery, have a gender reveal party and yadda yadda), there’s few surprises in life and I held out knowing for both of my babes (both girls). My hubs feels super strong about waiting until delivery day because he actually told me both times that we had girls (this was something written in our birth plan, if you want to do the same, let the hospital know!). Him telling me was so special and something we’ll never forget.

My nursery theme is cactus and succulents. I love the look and it’s a chic way to add greenery and then depending on the sex, accent colors (gold, pink, black and white…). This was probably something I would have done even if I knew the sex, I love the look so much. My house is full of plants so this suits me right to the ground. Although it’s been awhile since I’ve had my baby shower, I was impressed with it, (if I do say so myself!) so I want to share all the deets. I think this makes a wonderful, modern, chic option if you are unsure of the sex or if you already know. Anyone else tired of the typical baby showers of giraffes and ducks? Just me? HA!

How about I just show ya? Keep scrolling!

gender neutral baby shower

Some wonderful pastries by my bestie, Mediterra Cakehouse.


gender neutral baby shower

In the middle, a game prize. The smaller pots around it are the party favors.


gender neutral baby shower

Is this dessert table not perfection?

chic traveling mama gender neutral baby shower

Fruit-infused water ’cause we so fancy.


gender neutral baby shower

A momento for the nursery.


gender neutral baby shower

So we played a game with that banner around his head where the kiddos had to cut a piece off. Whoevers was as big as my belly, won. My daughter actually won- she was spot on! And then the hubs put it on like Rambo.

I hope you enjoyed my gender neutral baby shower. What did you guys do for your baby shower?


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