Green Cleaning for a Non-Toxic Home

Green Cleaning non toxic home

So lately I have read about being a ‘green’ parent, and the results are pretty cool. Just the way we clean can put our families at risk; do we really know what chemicals are in those cleaners? When it says, “Keep out of reach of children,” why, and how close are they allowed to get? These are important questions to consider when buying something or cleaning anything in your house, especially things your baby will come in close contact with.

Some solutions to harsh cleaners like bleach, Ajax or Comet, glass cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner are things you already have in your home. Not only are these solutions safer, it will save you loads of money on buying different types of cleaners, and who doesn’t like that?!
Three necessities are 1) white vinegar, 2) lemons and 3) baking soda.

Now I just love vinegar. I use it for everything (except marble, it will streak!). I’ve even heard my hubby making fun of me to our friends about it! I have a bottle with vinegar and water and it has become my all-purpose cleaner. It is the best glass cleaner ever! This is great because the babe likes to pound on our glass doors and actually lick them up and down (I don’t know why: she is weird like her Dad). Instead of licking all the ammonia that is in glass cleaner, she licks vinegar instead (she will really love pickled beets later). And don’t worry, the smell disappears upon drying. Use it for your counters (especially where baby eats) and as a toilet bowl cleaner.

Lemons are useful, too. Did you know that lemon juice and baking soda make a natural bleach?! Me neither! Lemons and olive oil also make a wonderful wood and furniture polish. Throw some lemon peels in your garbage disposal to get rid of odors and funk that lurk down there.

Baking soda is my new BFF (maybe it’s because I recently discovered that it dries out my zits and anything that helps with that is on my love-it list). You can also use it to clean your tubs (your babe soaks in there, nix the chemicals) and as a toothpaste ironically (my hubby uses it for indigestion, but I digress)! I use it to scrub the carpet when our Jack Russell or the babe have an accident on the floor (hopefully not at the same time but I’d be lying if I said that never happened). It’s just an all around good thing to have in your house!

I’m no expert on being green that’s for sure, but I am all about keeping the babe safe and not spending money when I don’t have to. What do you do to keep your house green??


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