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I’ve recently had a few readers ask what I’ve been up to lately. It left me feeling a little sad because I have kind of dropped off of the online radar this month! There is good reason for this, and it’s the reason everyone else has: I’ve been really busy. Lame, right? Well, I’m never too busy to keep in touch with all of you lovelies! However, I’m going through some big, make that huge, changes right now. And although the lull in posts may not be over just yet, I am going to try my hardest to keep you up to date and bring you the best content in 2013 :)

Well, I’m referring to a difficult decision Ryan and I have made for our family: we are leaving Wilmington in favor of Cleveland. Yes, I’m moving again! We’re going back to where we are from (or rather near where we’re from). Ahh! It’s pretty exciting although at first I was having mild panic attacks (true story)!

You are probably asking why on earth we would choose Cleveland. And that’s a good question. And it’s probably as you’ve guessed- for work. My husband has taken a new position up there with his family’s company and I have also found a new position on a particular film that will be spending some time shooting there this spring.

I’ve also started a new writing project where really all my time has been going these last six or seven weeks: I have officially started writing my book. I have been toying with the idea of writing a book for a couple of years and lately it’s been laid on my heart (very heavily) to start now and not later. It’s funny how just as I was toying with it (yet again) I had two people tell me they think I should- and this time it wasn’t my husband! So, here we go. I’m on chapter five of my first draft and I was surprised at how easy the material is flowing. Stay tuned for much more about what I’ve been learning in this process and encouragement if you’d like to start writing your own book. It’s hard work and takes sacrifice but I think it will be well worth it. I have done a lot of research and I’m happy to share everything I come across (message me for specific questions).

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Our family, our friends and a whole lot more awaits us. Sometimes it’s hard to go back to where it all started- to back home. But as I get older, I know that I want my child to grow up like I did: right next to her big, fat Italian familia!


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Rana is a Chic Mama dedicated to helping other Mama's live a fuller, happier, healthier life through this blog. She is proud to announce she just finished an eBook on how to travel with kids and is finishing up her first novel. She is a happy wife to her sweetheart since the fourth grade and Mama to a lovely little girl. Happy Travels! xo

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  1. I'm going to rather miss's a shame, but this isn't goodbye it's see you later chica!!! Love you your amazing woman and friend sincerely, Silver :)

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