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So I realized that a lot of the times my posts are very positive and it may seem like Parenthood at my house is all sun and roses. Let me change that notion for ya’ll (hey, I live in North Carolina now, it’s completely street legal to say that). I am currently in ‘Teething Hell.’ Yep, she’s getting like, 5 molars or something. Fun times.

It’s been a challenge. Super snotty. Super whiny. Super up-all-night-even-though-we-work-early-in-the-morning. Yeah, it’s been about a week and a half of glorious, shiny upper lip fun.

Whenever I start feeling bad for us I have to remember that she’s the poor babes in pain. She even had a fever of 103.5 the other night! We are tired and run ragged but she is the one who is feeling miserable. Who am I to complain?

I started to worry because we may be traveling to Ohio for Christmas and I’d like for the babe to be in tip-top play mode for her familia she doesn’t see that often. This got me thinking of some ways to help combat these sorts of unforseen things when traveling. Here’s a few tips:

At least we can all take turns driving…

1. Now, I’m no drug pusher, but if you aren’t big on traditional meds like me, maybe just consider it for the trip.
 I try all other methods before this one (such as homeopathy). I don’t always give the babes Tylenol, but when I do, it’s because it’s a last resort (stop thinking about the wonderful Dos Eqxuis man). When out of their element, I bring it just to have.

2. Forget their norm.
They may not feel like eating a whole lot, or they may want to take an extra long nap. Forget the routine things and just go with it. They’re not in their regular environment, so cut some slack. They         don’t hold you accountable when you’re PMSing right?

3. Pick your battles.

I know it’s a fine line, but I have let her do, play and climb on things I normally wouldn’t. I’m not talking about playing with knives, but she may get away with a little more when we’re traveling. It’s basically vacation, and I think it’s OK to let them stay up a little later or perhaps eat treats they don’t get at home. Within reason of course!

4. Go prepared.
Definitely take a suitcase of just their fave toys to keep them occuppied en route and while there. Not all of the homes you may be visiting are baby-proof so be sure to tell them in advance about your needs. Do they have lovely vases on lower tables? Politely ask if you can store them in a closet for the duration of the stay. Also, you may want to bring safety plugs for their outlets; they’re super small and easy to pack. A nightlight for night time feedings, changes, etc is something that may make the kiddos feel better in a different place. We also bring music for babe to listen while she sleeps so any noise can be drowned out. Check out this checklist from Baby Zone to double check yourself (can I say “check” anymore in this sentence??).

Last year with her Aunt Moriah (yes Aunt!) in Ohio

5. Start early.
I find it’s best to start packing days in advance. I just keep the empty suitcase open and toss whatever in as I think of it. This almost always guarantees I don’t forget anything (famous last words!).

How are you getting prepared for holiday travel? Share your advice and tips here! They are just around the corner you know (that is mostly a reminder for myself since I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet).

Until we meet again everyone! Stay Chic and Travelin’ this Joyful Season, Mama!

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