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hotel room must haves


This week is the first time I’m sharing my new logo! I told you CTM was going through a mini-makeover and it’s just about there. I LOVE it. What do you think of it?

In other good news, the weather has finally broke and spring is peeking through. I feel like a new person! That being said, Spring Break is upon us. For some of you this means getting away. For others it may mean beer bongs and bikinis, but to each his own (and my how times have changed). When picking a hotel or resort, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting everything you want out of it.

Here’s the CTM’s list of must-haves for any hotel room or resort:

  • An indoor pool. Here’s why: weather happens. This is an easy way to spend some of your rainy day. It also works well at getting rid of excess energy if you have a small chunk of time, say that time after dinner and before bath time.
  • Laundry access. This will cut down on all the packing. If you plan on doing just one load, it’ll save you a ton of room in all those suitcases.
  •  Refrigerator. There are so many reasons for this. Baby food, breast milk, left overs from dinner, etc.
  • Continental breakfast. This takes such a load off of finding a place to eat every morning. If you grab food at the hotel, you’ll get at least until 11am to figure out where to eat next.
  • Free wi-fi. Not all hotels offer this sort of thing (some hotels close to airports service mostly business travelers who are likely to get reimbursed travel expenses) anymore. But if you don’t have a hotspot, make sure you can get free wi-fi. If not, you might end up paying up to $30/day.
  • Baby-Friendly service. If you’re traveling with a baby or toddler you have different needs. A hotel or resort can help you out with these things. Find out before booking, but they will usually provide cribs and high chairs. Some even go a step above and baby-proof your room, especially if there’s a balcony. *CTM Travel Tip If your kids are at that age, bring a big roll of tape. This way you can tape shut drawers, toilets, blind pulls, etc.
  • (Optional) Babysitting service. Personally, I love taking a night off and enjoying a new city just my husband and me! And some hotels get that so they’ll watch the kids for a fee. Depending on where you are, some even have Kids Clubs that do all kinds of fun things. On second thought, why don’t they all do this?

Those are my must-haves, tell me, what are yours? Leave a comment and tell me!

P.S. This weekend we’ll be getting away for a wedding where my little one is the flower girl! I’ll be posting pics on Instagram!

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