How to Find the Right Babysitter

Finding the right sitter is tough. If you’re not surrounded by family that is willing to help out, you’ll have to rely on friends or babysitters. But finding the right one is essential for two reasons: the first is obvious. Your little darlings can’t be watched by just anyone, they need to feel safe. And the second reason is because you need to get out there and have date nights; it’s not a want, but a necessity. Here’s some other ideas for keeping your relationship strong and healthy.

So how do you find a great sitter that will take good care of the kids and keep your mind at ease?

1. Referrals.
Ask your other Mama friends who they use. Do they have a faithful person they’ve been using for a couple years that their kids love? Ask if they wouldn’t mind passing on their phone number. For me this is the best option.

2. Your friend’s kids.
Do you have a friend with a teenager trying to start their babysitting career? Ask their sincere opinion and with permission, give them a shot. A lot of times when trying out a sitter, it’s a good idea to ask them over for a meet and greet. Or, they can watch the kiddos upstairs while you’re having an adult get together downstairs for a trial-run.

I’ve used this service, and I found a fantastic at-home childcare. I only needed her for a couple of months but it was great. Even though the website said she’d be a good match, she was more than willing to let me contact her former and current clients for their opinions so we could form our own evaluation (something any potential sitter should gladly offer).

Stella with one of her faves (roll over the pic to Pin!)    

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