Hurricane, who?!

We are big rain people. Living in extremely-hot-North Carolina, we welcome a little rain once in awhile. It’s always sunny here- and did I mention hot? Well, with all of the tropical storms a brewin’ we have had a very wet couple of weeks. This has made the beach and other outside activities a little impossible, and it has forced us to get super creative indoors. Crayons and coloring has gotten a little stale, so Mama got inventive :)

This spells F-U-N

While I was cooking dinner, Stella kept wanting to help. I was letting her play with measuring cups and bowls when I thought I would try putting her in her highchair and letting it rip!

What you’ll need:

  • rice or small pasta
  • flour
  • measuring cups, different sizes- I even used some of those little cups that come with over-the-counter medicine
  • a spoon
  • a couple of different sized bowls
  • a broom for the aftermath
And for the anti-mess Mamas:
  • a bib
  • a cover to go on the floor under their chair to catch the overspill!
Flour does feel cool in your hands, don’t ya think?

I know these ingredients sound pretty boring, but your kiddo will absolutely have a ball. There is something about pouring things into other things that is exciting to a toddler! And it kept her busy for an hour or more. The set-up worked great while I finished cooking because she was busy doing her own thing close by!

So yeah, it wasn’t a pretty outcome in terms of the mess factor, but she loved it! Perfect if you’re trying to get dinner ready or for any rainy day.

Stella: one, Tropical Storm: zero! (Mama’s sanity: score!)

“Did you want some?”
(My hair beret magically appeared because Mama realized she should blog about me doing this)

What are your favorite indoor activities for the kiddos?? Leave a comment below!

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Have a great week everyone :)

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