I Was an Addict- My Honest Confession

Addictions are hard. Uncontrollable. You become a slave to them.

My persistent craving came in the morning with coffee. And then after lunch. Usually after dinner and ALWAYS at nighttime. The problem was obvious: it owned me.

But I’m probably preaching to the choir, right? I mean, you have it to. Do you even know?

What am I referring to? Sugar. Most of us have sugar addictions and don’t even know it. The littlest thing can set it off, too: a commercial, certain smells, a family get-together; only you know your poison. So you give in and tell yourself it’ll just be this once. But suddenly you find yourself spiraling down a dangerous path and making small compromises the rest of the week. Your diet and exercise routine is now off course…Again.

My sweet tooth began when I was really young. We drank soda with every meal and by the time I was able to buy my own lunches at school, I would get Funyuns (hello, MSG) and a Snickers ice cream bar. Oh, and a chocolate milk to wash it all down.Terra Pops

The awareness surrounding the harm sugar does to your body wasn’t common knowledge back then. Still today we only pay attention to the fact that it can cause weight gain and not much else. But it doesn’t stop there. The effect that refined sugar has on our bodies is not yet fully known. And there have been a lot of extreme claims.

I’m somewhere in the middle. I know that when I open the door and eat a little sugar, I can’t stop craving it. And that scares me.

I also know that when I deliberately avoid sugar I feel better about myself and still have control over what goes in my body.

But depriving yourself gets old. And it’s not realistic. I’ve always ‘fallen off the wagon’ when I feel like I’m missing out.

I wanted to solve this problem so I created, Terra Pops.


Terra Pops

It’s the only healthy dessert that makes me feel like I’m splurging and cheating but I’m not! Terra Pops are made with whole food, unprocessed, they’re gluten-free, raw, dairy-free and the best part? There’s no added sugar; only the sweetness that occurs naturally in our wholesome ingredients.

I’ve been waiting to share these with you for a long time and I’m pleased to announce that the time is now! You can order them here. *Price is for a pack of six.


More flavors will be available soon :)

You HAVE to try these bars if you want to live a healthy life and not be a slave to sugary, processed (junk) food. You’re worth it.




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