It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to, Mama!

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As we sit on the brink of the two’s (not terrible, right??), I am already beginning to wonder who my child is becoming! My sweet little angel baby is fading. Hello to aggressive, throw-myself-on-the-ground, high-pitch screaming toddler babe! Whoa, what a transition; and this is just when we’re in Target. What about on a small secluded space like a plane while you’re traveling?

At home, my hubby and I aren’t embarrassed or feel pressure to get her to be quiet like when we’re in public: we can feel alllllll those eyes staring. All those eyes, ahh! Quickly I remember: Do. Not. Panic. After all, I can’t control her every emotion and reaction. It’s important to have some tools on how to better deal with this because it actually deters parents from going in public, let alone travel (not to mention your child will benefit greatly)! OK, so now what?

These are some tips from the Parent Resource to aid in dealing with those unpredictable, wonderfully irritating moments (sarcasm inserted here):
 1. Stay in control- This may seem easier to say than to do, but the key is to be empathetic to what they might be feeling and to not take their behavior personally. They are natural boundary pushers as they explore life and they react with pure emotion, not logic. Keep this in mind when they don’t “get” what you’re tyring to tell them.

2. Remove them from public- Do not give them or yourself an audience. This will only enhance behaviors and emotions. Take them into the bathroom or dressing room if need be. The goal is to calm them down. Then you can talk about what happened, and what they can do next time. Because there WILL be a next time!

3. Don’t give in- you know the drill, if you give in once they’ll know there is a chance (however small) that they can get away with it next time. Be strong!

4. Enforce consequences and be consistent– The Parent Resource ruled this as the #1 rule in parenting. How powerful! If we are consistent in our behaviors and reactions to our babes and enforce reasonable consequences EVERY TIME, voila, perfect kiddos! Ha, kidding of course, but they will be better behaved children because they will start to understand that their reactions have consequences. I promise.

Last minute reminders:

  • It takes time. After researching, I found that most experts say it takes months (not days) to see results from changing the way your child behaves (especially if they are older and they have some behaviors to reverse).
  • Lead by example. Monkey see, monkey do. If you react irrationally and fly off the handle at your spouse, guess what? They’ll do the same thing when they hear something they don’t like.
  • Remember: Love first. Don’t always teach through punishment, positive reinforcement goes a long way.
  • You can’t control another person, even if you created them. When getting irritated with your children, ask yourself if your feelings are coming from your need to control them. If so, decide whether or not you really need to pick this battle!
  • Stay encouraged. If you’re starting to get frustrated, relax. It’s perfectly normal to get irritated with your children, especially if you’re not seeing results.
  • Join a community whether online or physically that you can relate to (some websites even have a place just to vent!). Subscribe to a parenting blog to get educated, or go to a class or group. There are lots of different methods one can learn from dealing with toddlers to teens. Here a some wonderful free webinars from

And, to lighten the mood: (it’s OK to laugh, we’ve all been there!)!

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I learned a lot from researching this topic, and my hope is that it helped each of you a little- we gotta support and learn from one another! Stay Chic, keep traveling and keep calm, Mamas!

What are your tips for dealing with tantrums while on the go?? Leave a comment!

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2 comments on “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to, Mama!

  1. What a great tip to watch out for! There is always a reason for their behavior and it's important to not just brush it off as a toddler thing. Kudos to you for recognizing the patterns and investigating further.

  2. Just another thing to think about– my son used to have tantrums during which we tried everything and were at our wits end. He was just unable to get him self together. Finally I would say– OK lets take a break and eat something. After eating,he would be perfectly fine and able to get himself together. Fast forward years later, we discover he is hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). We always knew

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