Mama On The Move-Part II

Ahhhhh, well I’m all settled into our new place. Its perfect. New, clean and only about 15 minutes from the beach. Life is good. Being in between places isn’t much fun. Especially with a baby. And then there is our 9 month-old. Just kidding!
Getting to this comfortable spot was not the easiest. Ask our friends we stayed with while house hunting! After we finally got our stuff moved into it, we ran into some snags:
1. First things first, when moving with a baby or family of any sort, keep important things (like the screws to your crib) in a SAFE place. And not in some box that you think is safe, but in your purse or strapped to your chest.
2. Consider time zones and Daylight Savings. After moving over one time zone, we actually moved on Daylight Savings, and it was the spring back one! All in all, our babe lost 2 hours in about a day. Still trying to get her on a schedule…stay tuned.
3. Make sure that your dog has food and water! After worrying about our stuff and the babe being fed and all of that, Graci, our heavily sedated Jack Russell (refer to Part I), didn’t have food and water out right away. Don’t hate, it could have happened to anyone, and we love her very much for the record! I also think that if you have a pet that cannot handle change, you should sedate them for their own good. For instance, our Jack Russell is a very hyper, energetic and nervous dog. She hates the car. She thinks she wants to go somewhere, and then as soon as she gets in it, she starts panting like a madwoman and cannot seem to stop. This cannot be good for anything for a long period of time, so we chose drugs. It helped her a lot. It also helped our sanity, because listening to it will make you psycho, and smelling her breath will make you nauseated.
All in all, the move went well, and I am glad to say that it is all over. I am not looking forward to it again, and I can honestly say that I learned some valuable lessons! 
Did I mention that you should strap the crib screws to your chest? Not that that was a problem for us or anything. Just sayin…

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