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Happy New Year everyone! I hope the holidays were enjoyable and filled with good company, less stress, less worry and less chaos!I am so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written a blog, I took a much needed holiday break. I know it’s been a month and I have to get used to the fact that I ‘m not in college anymore and a month off is unacceptable in adult land! Unfortunately…
A new year brings about many exciting opportunities. For us, this is the year for growth, positivity and CHANGE. I’m not just talking about resolutions, but changes that are somewhat beyond our control. The hubby and I are both expecting career changes for example. We are also expecting some changes from Stella that are definitely beyond our control (sad face). One of them is nursing (gotta love working Moms, they can talk career and nursing in the same paragraph without batting an eye!)

Yes, she is 18mos and I’m still nursing. I pride myself on this. But lately I’ve noticed that she is perhaps losing interest. This is hard for me to accept but I’m trying to remain positive and let her be her own little person- for now, but if she starts getting little opinions and interests that I don’t approve of then…I’m kidding! (Sorta)

Well the next step is to wean and supplement. I’ve been doing my research on what kind of milk to give the babe now, and I’ve got a lot of info (and a lot of opinions).
Here are the facts on a few options so you can make your own informed decisions:

1. Cow’s milk. It seems to be the most natural choice, right? Maybe not. After all, a lot of babes can’t do dairy, and the hormones and chemicals associated with it are less than desirable (or safe). We could go organic but the FDA still has very lax standards when it comes to testing for unsafe substances found in milk. I found some other horrifying research, but I’ll stop there! On the bright side, whole milk is loaded with calcium and “good” fats essential for young bodies.

2. Rice milk. This tastes really good, but it is found to contain little to no B12, fat or protein that is crucial to little babes. If you go with rice milk, consider also supplementing with other nutrients* in babies daily diet. Although some brands are fortified, that isn’t enough. In fact, in 2009 the UK recommended that children between 1-4.5 should not consume large amounts of rice milk because their intake of arsenic (yes the poison) will be greater than that of older children. Eek. Rice milk isn’t the devil, but may not be wholesome enough.

3. Soy milk. Soy milk can be very sugary if you get the flavored kind, but unflavored soy milk that’s fortified with calcium seems to be an OK alternative. Still, it’s protein, calcium and fat may lack. There are also some estrogen concerns that may make it unworthy. After going to the Soy Nutrition website, they firmly deny these accusations. Confused yet?!

4. Almond milk. Again, probably not enough fat or protein. Check it out for yourself.

This link gives a decent comparison between the different milks and even includes goat and coconut milk.

*The Live Strong website talks about such supplements as this:
“Calcium is found in kale, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, canned fish and fortified cereals and fruit juices. Food sources of vitamin D include salmon, tuna, mackerel, mushrooms and fortified cereal or orange juice. Meat, including beef, chicken, fish and pork, is the best source of protein, but eggs, beans and nuts are also healthy options.”

Some people stated that making sure their child ate a sufficient diet chalk full of these benefits made them eliminate any sort of milk whatsoever. You may look into giving your kiddos supplements like whey powder and the like.

You be the judge! Only you know your babe best! I hope this helped shed some light on this subject!

The bottom line is whatever keeps your babes healthy and thrivin’, Mamas!

What are your thoughts???

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