My TV Appearance on The Social and tips on traveling to Canada!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

If you’ve followed me on social media, then you probably know that on Monday I was on the Canadian daytime talk show, The Social! It. Was. Awesome. I spoke about how to make any destination family-friendly.We talked about Paris, Barcelona, Vegas and even Costa Rica!
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The Social TV appearance Chic Traveling Mama

Having a blast!

A lot of helpful tips, check it out (if you cannot see it because of your geo location, I am working on getting an actual clip from the show and I’ll post that ASAP).

The Social TV appearance Chic Traveling Mama

From Left to Right: Lainey, Me and Traci

If you’re from the States and don’t know what The Social is, I’ll fill ya in: it’s kind of like Canada’s version of The View. It’s a Live show that discusses various hot topics in pop culture but also relies on the audience getting involved on social media during and after the show. Very fun. Here’s some tweets that were going on during the show. You can follow The Social on Twitter, here.

The Social TV appearance Chic Traveling MamaThe Social TV appearance Chic Traveling Mama

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So when we arrived in downtown Toronto I was amazed at how kind everyone was. Having been/lived in major cities before, I was prepared for anything. But everyone was helpful when we asked for directions, someone gladly took our picture in front of the studio for us and we even had a stranger chase after us when we forgot our parking ticket!

The Social TV appearance Chic Traveling Mama

In front of the studio!

Dear, Toronto citizens, you guys ROCK. But you already knew that.
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After arriving at the studio, the production team was no different. They were so sweet and treated us like gold. The hosts of the show were also incredibly positive and uplifting and told me I was going to do great. I got my very own green room (I’m so fancy) and getting my makeup done was the cherry on top! It was almost show time so I was a little nervous (this is LIVE tv, ok!) but after rehearsing with Mel and Traci I was feeling relaxed and knew I was going to have a good time.

The Social TV appearance Chic Traveling Mama

Rehearsing in the green room


The Social TV appearance Chic Traveling Mama

My eight minute segment covered a lot of topics like activities and lodging in various locations so I wanted to make sure I hit them all. No cue cards or teleprompter for me. It was my big moment and I nailed it! SO happy. Until next time, The Social!
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Lodging and Food in Toronto:

So we scored a great deal on Priceline on a hotel right near the airport. It was a Westin so it was modern and clean. The parking fee was $19/night and our room didn’t come with free wi-fi. LucThe Social TV appearance Chic Traveling Mamakily, I negotiated that into our room because, well, the people at  the front desk were very nice (shocker!). I definitely recommend that hotel but those are things to keep in mind. It was about a twenty-minute ride into downtown so not bad at all.

Shutterfly Baby Pictures 728x90

In the thick of downtown was a strip of restaurants called, ‘restaurant row’ but I would steer clear as it’s pretty touristy. We wanted to have a celebratory drink after the show (it was 5:00 somewhere) so we headed to a quaint little bar with a patio. It was perfect.

A few tips if you’re an American traveling to Canada:

  • if driving, make sure you fill up BEFORE crossing the border, it’ll  be half as less in the states. Also, make sure you know a rough conversion rate of kilometers and miles, we weren’t sure how fast we could go on the highway (1 km is equal to .6 miles)! In addition, their gas is measured in liters not gallons.
  • Some people don’t know that you now need a passport to get to Canada (yes, even your baby). You can get a passport card for a fraction of the cost, about $30 but keep in mind this is only for land travel, meaning you could not fly into Canada with it. You can only drive to Canada or Mexico with this card. A passport book is about $115 but it covers anything, the card is just easier to carry in your wallet. As a side note, since passports take up to 8 weeks to receive, you need to get them well before your trip. If you can’t, you can go to a passpThe Social TV appearance Chic Traveling Mamaort agency and sometimes they’ll expedite it for an extra fee, but it’s super quick, sometimes even the next day! More info on that here.
  • You need to contact your cellular carrier about international charges. I was still able to text but could not make calls or use data without being connected to wi-fi or else I would have had to pay a fee. Another reason wi-fi at the hotel is über important.
  • Convert your money. You won’t get a great exchange rate although many places accept the American dollar. You also might want to be sure your credit/debit doesn’t have added international fees if you have to use it (because there’s some FAB shopping!).
  • Leave plenty of time to get to your destination, it can be crowded once you get to the border, we waited about thirty minutes and traffic didn’t thin out for another hour.

And if you’re new to CTM because you saw me on The Social, welcome aboard! So glad you stopped by :)

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  1. I’m not sure what nationality you are, but I am compelled to tell you that you should do more research on the country you are talking about. First we do not have states, but provinces and Calgary is not the capital of Alberta, Edmonton is. If you are invited on any other Canadian show, please do not make these types of mistakes. We love our country and we do not want to be Americans, so don’t treat us as such. Thank you.

    • Hi Lina,
      Thanks for your comment. I think you’re referring to the Calgary portion of the segment when I referred to it as Canada’s STEAK capital (not State capital). I think it was really tough to hear over the audience applause! I too, love Canada :)

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