Nighty night, Mama

As we pack to move to Carolina Beach, we are sorting through all of our…junk. We have started with our closets. The clothes, oh my goodness, the clothes. I would like to say that it is a woman thang, but my hubby is just as bad as me (and I’m being nice). For anyone who knows him, this isn’t a stretch, but I digress. Ryan is an ex pro baseball player, and has played on tons and tons of baseball and softball teams. Awesome, right? Right. Thing is, this totally produces tons and tons of team t-shirts, hats, cleats and pants. He was courageous in giving more to the Goodwill than I anticipated. He did come across a real baseball t-shirt that was black and gray and pretty long. He asked me if I wanted it, so I said OK.
This shirt fit me like a nightgown. I love it. I went to Victoria’s Secret and bought another pink striped racer-back nightgown. I love this one even more. In the morning when we are lounging, I throw on a cardigan, some slippers or Uggs, and it actually looks cute!
See, I am so tired of my lounge clothes and PJ’s being ugly and baggy! This makes me feel so frumpy, and I gotta say, after gaining 70 pounds while preggo, frumpy is my archnemesis. But these are comfortable enough to sleep in, and as we lounge in the morning in our PJ’s, I don’t have to be in unflattering pajama pants and a mismatched t-shirt. I have become a huge believer in picking out PJ’s and lounge clothes that are not only matching, but that make you feel beautiful. VS has some very cute ones, but Target does too.
Nightgowns are not just for the Golden Girls (I’m not hating, I LOVE the Golden Girls, ask anyone); they can be super sexy and comfortable at the same time (just stay away from the kind that have long sleeves and come up around your neck, or your men won’t let you read this blog anymore!) If you find that you’re wearing sweats and t-shirts whenever you change out of your work clothes, remember this blog. It’s the small things that can help you feel like the chic, beautiful (and sexy) Mama that you are!

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