The No-Cost Child Care You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of

While at dinner recently, I was chatting with a good friend about finding free time. It’s tough business. Between parenting, working, writing, hitting the gym, spending time with friends…Ahhh! Your head could explode just thinking about all of it.

I know when I get burned out, I need some alone time to gain some perspective. She mentioned what her sister does to get some quality R&R without the kids. I thought it was ingenious.


no cost child care rana mancini cavanaugh

Here’s how to take advantage of the no-cost childcare that’s probably right in front of your face:

1. The gym. We belong to a YMCA and we value that membership greatly. My husband and I work out several times a week and their kids care is awesome. Our daughter loves going in! Most gyms have one, and on average you’re allowed to use two hours a day of their care (you CANNOT leave, of course). While I always condone working out and exercising, if that’s not your idea of unwinding, you can do something different. How about take a shower in peace? Maybe shave your legs, blow dry your hair, paint your toes… All of those things you can’t do by yourself at home. And if your gym has it, take a soak in the hot tub. My husband and I have done this very thing after a long day. We’ve also relaxed together in the steam room. And this is all while our girl is in the same building, having a blast herself. SCORE.**credit to my friend’s sister for this idea

2. Exchange babysitting time with your friends. I did this a lot when I lived close to my sister. We’d take turns babysitting each other’s kiddos. We even had sleepovers. It’s a wonderful, free way to have a date night or just go to a coffee shop and read for a few hours. You could even start a small group of your close friends so you can all contribute. Perfecto!

How do you take time to relax without the kids?? Leave me a comment and let me know!

If you use Instagram, tag your photos of how you’re relaxing and tag me: @chictravelingmama, I’d LOVE to see!

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