No-no, Baby!

Now that Stella is 1, she can really move! Walking is so last season for her; running is more her style now. We try and baby-proof everything, but sometimes we forget to shut the bathroom door, or leave the dog bowls on the ground…it can be tiring as many of you Mamas know first hand. We try and use these opportunities to “discipline” Stella. There are certain things she gets upset she can’t touch, but others she knows she’s not allowed to touch, like the nightlight in her room. When she sees me freak out a little, she hands me the cover and calmly walks away. Lets me know that she totally knows it’s off limits….what a boundary pusher.

Every parent has their own thing they say whether it be “uh-oh” or “no.” We say “Please don’t.” We save the “no” term for dangerous things she encounters like the hot oven or an outlet. We do this so she doesn’t hear the word too much and stop listening to it. A lot of good that did…

Stella doesn’t say  a billion words, but one she does say is no-no. She sounds really cute when she says it, but that’s not the point! All of that trying had the opposite result in the end. Just goes to show that she’ll do whatever she wants anyhow. She is very much her own person already (sigh).

I guess in the end, we can only control her so much. As we watch her become her own little person it’s bittersweet. She won’t be our little babe forever (HUGE sigh). But, we can only guide her and love her and hope that she’ll never forget where she came from- a Chic Traveling Mama (wink, wink)!

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Rana is a Chic Mama dedicated to helping other Mama's live a fuller, happier, healthier life through this blog. She is proud to announce she just finished an eBook on how to travel with kids and is finishing up her first novel. She is a happy wife to her sweetheart since the fourth grade and Mama to a lovely little girl. Happy Travels! xo

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