NYTVF-errific! And Franken-Storm, eek!

Well a lot has happened since my last post! While we escaped the path of Franken-storm we are praying for everyone in the hurricane’s way. I mean seriously, we are on the coast of North Carolina and we are in the clear, how crazy is this?! Thinking about all  my NYC/Jersey peeps! (OK, thanks for lettin’ me holla out!)

So, our trip to the NYTVF was a success! I mean, besides being a lot of fun, it was a wonderful learning experience. We sat in on panels, Q&A’s and networked with top executives at the mixers they through that were sponsored by Stella Artois. Yes, that’s free Stella beer which was awesome, but no, we didn’t name our daughter after it. I get asked that a lot-true story.

So you may be on on the edge of your seat to know if we won the Lifetime pipeline, and the answer is NO! But, it doesn’t matter because we are in such a good position from all the pitching I did to other networks and production companies! They loved my idea, and I’ve already started talks with one, so I’ll keep everyone in the loop!

Chic Traveling Mama’s premiere!

Being away from Stella for a whole week was tough, but easier than I thought it would be (oh, judge me!). While Ryan and I didn’t appear to be parents because we were without our little monkey, we couldn’t hide it very well because we couldn’t stop going gaga at all the cute babes running around that city! I even distracted a couple toddlers who were crying on the subway because I felt so bad for their Mamas. Yes, the kiddos were wondering who the crazy lady was trying to strike up conversation, but they were wondering quietly- enough said.

How did Stella do? Totally fine! She was being watched by both of our Mothers, so as long as she got all of that attention, she really didn’t care where her parents were. It warmed my heart whenever I’d ask if she was asking for us and they would say, “no, not really.” Good stuff.

Well, the storm seems to be getting worse, but the good thing is is that it’s temporary. Prayers to anyone in the path. Stay safe Mamas (and everyone in between!).

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