Our Holidays in Ohio!

Seriously, how cute is Stella sledding?

So, we’re originally from Ohio. I’m very lucky to have the same hometown as my husband, it makes holidays a ‘lil easier. But I digress…Ohio. And not just any part of Ohio, but the Northeast, right-by-Lake Erie-freezing part of Ohio. In other words: baby, it’s cold outside. We visit once a year in winter, and let me tell ya, the cold chill shocks me every time. It doesn’t matter that I grew up this way, it’s still a shocker. But, it’s all good!

OK, now back to the holidays. So I kind of lied, because we actually started off our trip in Pittsburgh visiting my BFF and her hubby. We hadn’t seen each other since my wedding! It was so awesome to finally see their home and to see the family bakery they both work at. It’s called Mediterra Bakehouse, and they make wonderful bread and pastries! It was incredible, and I’ve missed them so much!

Such an awesome couple, we heart them :)

Next we headed to Ohio, I swear. Since we have family in a couple of different cities there, the traveling continues long after we get there. This year I thought I’d be slick and make an itinerary so everyone would know our whereabouts and try to plan ahead to hang out. It was working great until we arrived to find everyone sick! Holy cow, I’m not kidding: Ryan’s mom, grandmother, two of my aunts, an uncle, four cousins (I come from a big Italian family, remember?)  and the list goes on! Kind of threw a monkey wrench in things a little bit, but when in doubt, we sled! An build an igloo…

Ryan, his sisters and friend built it at 2am thinking she would love it. This was the extent of Stella playing in it!

The snow was incredible (and not to mention plentiful)! We made the most of it and went sledding twice. What a blast! We even busted out the old wood toboggan we had when we were kids and that thing can still go! We had more fun than Stella- true story.

Ryan’s in front, my cousin in the middle and our friend in back. He fell off every time!

A snowy morning on the back deck. Relax, she was out there for like 30 seconds without a coat.
On Christmas, Stella got more gifts than she knew what to do with. Literally, because she didn’t really grasp the concept of opening presents up. After she finally got threw tearing all the wrapping paper off, she had to abandon it to open up another. Poor kid, first class problems, right?

Stella opening up her gifts on Christmas morning with her Auntie!

Christmas Eve. This was taken by our four year-old (short) nephew, can ya tell?!

We ended our time with my family with a girls night at my aunt Missy’s. It was a lot of fun! The attire was pajamas and she had a basket of cozy socks we could choose from upon arrival. We gossiped for a little while (duh), had some drinks and played some games! All in all, one of the highlights!

A race with an egg in between our knees- I won ;)

We traveled an hour (and some change) North to stay with Ryan’s family for the remainder of our trip- totaling four houses we stayed at. It was of course, lots of fun and we spent New Year’s (and our anniversary!) celebrating black and white/masquerade style! Snow balls, euchre and being with family and good friends was a perfect way to ring in 2013! I believe this year is the year everything we’ve been working for will come true!

One of many photos from the evening-Ryan’s in the mask looking like a Mexican wrestler!

Us :)

Saying goodbye is always tough for me- I cry every time! I will miss everyone so much. Thank God my little cousin is getting married this year, that means more trips- darn!

Oh yeah, we went dress shopping with my Grandma! No spoiler alert here- this one was a no go. Isn’t the bride stunning??!

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family that loves us so much. Stella did great and stay tuned for a blog on how we kept her occupied in the car for a 10 hour drive in a blizzard!
How were your holidays??

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