Mama On The Move-Part I

OK, so I moved from Tennessee to North Carolina this week- STRESSFUL. We are staying with our friends until we get into our new place today. Much to my surprise, the hard part was actually getting here! A baby, 16 foot truck filled with our life, a heavily sedated Jack Russell (more to come in […]

Nighty night, Mama

As we pack to move to Carolina Beach, we are sorting through all of our…junk. We have started with our closets. The clothes, oh my goodness, the clothes. I would like to say that it is a woman thang, but my hubby is just as bad as me (and I’m being nice). For anyone who […]

Five Minute Mama Makeover

So since I’ve become a new Mama, I have to be picky about my time. Do I do the dishes, or play with Stella? Decisions like these are not always easy to make when your kitchen is a wreck and your hubby is due home from work any minute (I don’t want him to think […]