Five Minute Mama Makeover

So since I’ve become a new Mama, I have to be picky about my time. Do I do the dishes, or play with Stella? Decisions like these are not always easy to make when your kitchen is a wreck and your hubby is due home from work any minute (I don’t want him to think […]

Post Baby Bod: Chic Mama Style!

I love Stella soooo much! The journey to her arrival? Um, not so much. To say that I was too vain to be pregnant is an understatement. I was the obnoxious girl that complained she was getting “fat,” and one time I cried when I thought I saw a stretch mark on my abdomen (true […]

Family Magnets for Your Kids

Family Magnets for Your Kids

I decided to update one of my old posts because, well, it just needs to be shared! I got a lot of positive feedback on it the first time it ran a couple years ago and I updated it and added a picture. If you have relatives that have passed on or perhaps you are […]