Post Baby Bod: Chic Mama Style!

I love Stella soooo much! The journey to her arrival? Um, not so much. To say that I was too vain to be pregnant is an understatement. I was the obnoxious girl that complained she was getting “fat,” and one time I cried when I thought I saw a stretch mark on my abdomen (true story). I welcomed the nausea because it meant that I had no appetite and I was even more fanatic about hitting the gym.

Despite all of that, I did not gain the “average” 35 pounds. In fact, I hate girls that gain that little!  I gained twice that much! I didn’t gain this weight because I got lazy and ate ice cream (OK, a little ice cream). It was actually a very busy time in my life where I stayed constantly moving and I always watched what I ate. I have come to realize that your bod will do what it wants regardless of your efforts. Bummer.

Seven and a half months later, my one problem area is, you guessed it, my belly! Something that helped me though: a few days after Stella Bella was born, my hubby’s step-mom told me to get a belly band. I was skeptical at first, so I did my research. Turns out, it is an ancient practice that helps Mamas get back to their lovely shape by compressing the abs. It also helps with posture and with postpartum stretch marks (I know, no one told me either!) It Velcros around your tummy and just sucks it all in! They say that only 6-8 weeks is all that is necessary, but I wore it for over 3 months just for good measure!

Did it work? I definitely think so, although I will never know postpartum without it. It was worth it for me because I was willing to pull out all the stops! I encourage everyone to do the same if it makes you feel like the hot, chic Mama you are!

I got mine at Babies R Us, but I hear this one is better:
the Belly Bandit

Stay tuned for LOTS more weight-loss and beauty tips!

What worked for you post babe??

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Rana is a Chic Mama dedicated to helping other Mama's live a fuller, happier, healthier life through this blog. She is proud to announce she just finished an eBook on how to travel with kids and is finishing up her first novel. She is a happy wife to her sweetheart since the fourth grade and Mama to a lovely little girl. Happy Travels! xo

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  1. Hey woman, I had C-sections with both Ayden & Mya, and they gave me a belly band both times.Literally put it on me right after and they said keep this on for atleast 3 weeks. They told me it was important just to get your insides back to normal after the csection. I could not have lived without it it helped alot with my recovery. I would recommend a belly band to all postpartum mommas out

  2. I just had my second baby in November and used the Belly Bandit – I totally think it works!!!!! I noticed a huge difference in the how fast my uterus contracted back down this time as compared to when I had my daughter 3 years ago! I wore it day and night for about 6 weeks and then occasionally for a few weeks after that. It was a GREAT day when it no longer fit!!! I highly recommend it to all

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