Summer Safety With Your Kids

Well we had some out of town visitors last week! My aunt and uncle came down from Ohio with their two precious little girls for some fun in the sun. We had a great time! Weather permitting, we swam as much as we could. I was so impressed with my two-year-old cousin’s ability to swim. She was able to be somewhat free and kick and paddle thanks to her Puddle Jumper. Its not really a life-jacket, and not little floaties for her arms, but rather both and none of those at the same time. Makes sense, right?!

I love the Puddle Jumpers. After you slide their little arms through the short-sleeves, it buckles in the back (think straight jacket, but in a good way!) It gives them coverage and floatation in the front, but it doesn’t cover their whole torso like a life-jacket, so it offers lots of flexibility and movement. They’re awesome! She barely noticed it was on, but it seemed just as safe as any other floatation device for kiddos. Two thumbs up Puddle Jumper!

You can get them at any big chain store, and here they even have them at grocery stores. For around $15 that’s a deal you can’t beat with a stick. Water safety is so important, and if you want to try something new then invest in one of these. And, come on, doesn’t she look so darn cute??

So my tips are to stay hydrated this summer and remember the sunscreen too! Most of all remember to be a Chic and Safe Mama out there in the water!

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