Rants and Raves: A New CTM Tradition!

In lieu of tradition, I think from time to time I’m going to start posting a few quick rants and raves. We’ll call it R&R:

1. A visit to Santa at the mall proved itself to be…interesting. Last year at this time Stella was 6 mos old, so we could hand her to a stranger and she would sit with contentment. But this year, well this year, she’s gotten a little more picky! When we handed her to Santa she freaked a little. The whole time it was a struggle to get her to sit with Mr. Claus let alone smile. The ladies taking the pictures were lame-o and we paid $28 for two 5×7’s and a CD with just the one picture they printed! I thought the CD would have at least include all of the other ones where she was crying! I may nix this tradition for a family Christmas picture with no mall, no lines and no lousy pictures. It came out…funny?

2. A recent looksie through a Teen Vogue issue (no I am not a subscriber!) had my head spinning. Amongst a lot of the ads they had in there, I was appalled at an article they wrote on how to wear the latest outerwear trends. This model (all 90lbs. of her) was sporting an outfit that was $2213. They actually listed the prices of everything as if nothing was wrong with that. I googled the sneakers she was wearing because I actually think they’re super cute, but not even when I’m filthy rich will I pay $1,000 for a pair of sneakers. Do we need to teach kids, tweens and teens (and the occasional adult who takes a looksie) that it’s OK to nag their parents for these luxury goods? Is it acceptable in this economy to teach them that you have to wear these things to be beautiful and fit in? That article had me a little furious and now I’ll never look at another. I don’t need to know Dakota Fanning’s make-up secrets anyways!

Photo Courtesy of TeenVogue.com

3. Not to be a Scrooge, but I think the 12 Pains of Christmas holds a little truth. I think about my to-do list before Christmas and I’m kind of freaking out because I haven’t started anything. Thanks to my hubby, the decorating and outside lights (he is SUCH a lover of the Christmas season) are done. Our little holiday get-together/house-warming party still leaves a lot to be done around the house, and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping/crafting. I opted to make every one’s gift this year, a blog for another time!
In the end, I just want to make Stella’s Christmas very special and filled with tradition. Still working on ways to make it meaningful, so I’ll keep ya posted!

All right everyone, that’s my latest and greatest. Tell me all the ways you make your Holiday Season bright, I could use all the ideas I can get!

Stay Cheery, Chic and Sane this Season, Mamas!

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