Science with Kids at the GLSC!

Be a Myth Buster

Recently, the Great Lakes Science Center invited me and the fam to come and explore their new exhibit, MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition. We had never been there so it was a real treat for us!

At first I was skeptical at what a science center could offer someone of Stella’s age (four), but I was reassured quickly. Not only are their exhibits interactive, but they’re incredibly fun.

The MythBusters exhibit is a mixture of props and memorabilia from the show along with getting to run some of these experiments yourself! Some of our favorite highlights included:

  • Can you really pull the table-cloth out from under a fully set table?
  • Do you get more wet when you walk or run in the rain? They even put a safe
  • alt= "kids science experiments"

    Walking vs. Running (Stella wanted to do it again and again!)

    dye in it so you can check how wet you got by the black light and a mirror!

  • Will buttered toast always land buttered side down or up?
  • The 3 Little Pigs: you can build a model house with bricks and then put it in the wind machine to see if it really blows over
  • Killer Card Toss: this one was cool because if you tossed cards it actually measured how fast they were going (like Ryan’s at25mph) and some of them even stuck in the bullseye (none of mine did, but some!)
    alt= "kids science fun"

    Best part of this? We didn’t have to pick them up

  • Super Hero switch: can you really change into an action hero’s uniform in a telephone booth? Not really, but Stella had fun trying :)
    alt= "super hero kids costume"

    Putting on a cape in a phone booth is tough business

Then of course, there were other things featured on real episodes like guessing what the dirtiest things in your house are…Hint: this will gross you out.

alt= "worst household items for germs

Yep, it’s the kitchen sponge…


Whether you’re a mega fan of the MythBusters show or only watch occasionally, this exhibit will definitely please. Not only do you feel like the cast is right there with you (really, they’re on a screen talking to you and everything) but there’s streaming videos that show you the episode the experiment comes from. Way cool.

This exhibit will be on display until May 3rd and then it’ll be off to another city so hurry in!


A little more about the GLSC: Situated along Lake Erie, the GLSC is a must-see on your trip to Cleveland. Memberships are available and well worth it. they even have a Science After Dark dedicated towards the ‘edgier side of science’ for the adults complete with cash bars. They also have a huge dome-shaped Omnimax theatre for movie screenings.








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