Simple DIY Upcycled Art Project

I’ve stared at my husband’s bachelor decor for a while. We got our own, but he moved a lot of it to his man cave in the basement. As I was looking at one piece in particular I realized that it’s actually a pretty cool shape but the color was what really bothered me.

Chic Traveling Mama's Simple DIY Art Upcycle

The “Before” Picture. What I’m working with!

Well that’s an easy fix! With a little spray and acrylic paint, I knew I could make it look 1000x better. Luckily, I bought this material for another project so I had everything on hand (actually I did not have real painter’s tape which I strongly suggest). You can pick up all of this at any craft store.

Don’t feel like you need a metal sculpture to do this project, either. You could do this very easily with an old print by spray painting the frame and canvas and then adding your tape and design after.

What you need:

  • Spray paint, any color. I used gold but you can use any color you’d like
  • Acrylic paint. I bought a ten-pack of Martha Stewart paint and I really love the colors
  • Paint tape
  • Large open area to spray paint and a big piece of cardboard to paint it on

First, I took the art sculpture outside and I put two coats of spray paint on letting it fully dry in between coats but that only takes minutes.

Chic Traveling Mama's Simple DIY Art Upcycle

Next, I hung it up. I knew it’d be easier to add the finishing touches at eye level. I applied the tape in random places that I knew would add a geometric shape. I picked some colors that would match our living room and went to town.

Chic Traveling Mama's Simple Art Upcycle

Here is the finished project, what do you think??

Chic Traveling Mama's Simple DIY Art Upcycle

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I’ll see you there!

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