Stella’s Three! (holy cow)

So my baby just turned three! I still can’t believe it, I mean, where does the time go? Seriously, I want to know…

One of the things that was very important to me was making sure this girl had a proper birthday cake. And by that I mean, healthy, no sugar and vegan. I found just what I was looking for here! (Awesome blog I highly recommend, by the way!)

It was a hit, doesn’t it look delish??

We had a wonderful celebration at my Grandma’s house. She hosted, she cooked and she wouldn’t let me do much to help! When I was cleaning all the pots and pans my Grandma thanked me for doing so, to which I replied, “Don’t thank me, you did so much, how could I make you do the dishes?!” In true Grandma style she said, “What are grandma’s for?” Whoa, how lucky are we?

Enjoy some pics from our eventful weekend:

Opening presents with her big cousin! Doesn’t she look thrilled? Terrible three’s, here we come :)

Her Nonna sent her a cape! She loved it, can ya tell?

Mama and baby (yes, she is still a baby. Or at least, my baby) at her birthday lunch. We had to keep busy while waiting for our food somehow…

What an awesome few days. We’re so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to celebrate with. Cheers everyone! *ting*

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